Mirrors and Beer

I had fun this Wednesday, got really drunk and went to bed in the early morning, just as it should be. Started the whole thing at my place, only 4 people (myself counted) was there but we had quite fun anyhow. Then we walked over to the pub at the university, meet some friends, danced badly in a circle, asked the DJs to play songs they didn't have. When we got home, two classmates crashed at my place, the clock was like 05:30 in the morning. I was badly hangover'd, but I got rid of it almost completely to the poweryoga later that night. Looks kinda bad to come there totally wrecked you know... And today we've had a small storm, so I've spent the day taking it easy, cleaning up very little, and just kicked back and listened to some nice Swedish hip-hop. Chords mostly. Oh, just realized I was out yesterday doing some spot-hunting for Parkour, found some nice ones too, over at the local kindergarten. A couple of nice trees nicely located close to benches and some other stuff. Today I saw Mirrormask, really great movie with lots of imagination, everybody who has a bit of it should see it. Its about a girl who has to save herself from herself in the kingdoms of light and darkness, and that's the easy explanation... A few psychological influences in it to, but mostly a thrillingly beautiful story. Very good, see it.


People and views

Its been a bunch of interesting days. Yesterday I wrote my second exam, and in the evening we had a party with some of the people from the class. I had really fun, even though we were only seven there (and were over 30 in the class). Not fun becouse it happened anything fun, mostly because I had a bunch of fun conversations, some of whom were very philosophical and even very emotional in nature. I sound like I'm a fifty-ish professor or something now, but I liked it because you learn so much about people, and mostly about yourself. I realized that I have quite bad selfconfidense, and that I hide it by pretending to be very serious and reserved. Also that I easily feel uncomfortable in peoples company unless someone says something, I feel exposed and sometimes even afraid. I don't think this any unique problem, but since its the first I've experienced of it, it is to me. I've also heard what some people think of me, and they were completely honest to me. And I feel that being able to be so honest to each other means that we could become very good friends. Today I've watched the main part of Neon Genesis Evangelion. A very good anime series, with relations as the most important part of the story, very interesting psychological aspects of life brought up and leaves you with more questions than answers. That I think is what makes any show a good one, that it gets people thinking and shows them a new view of the world. I'm not normally that lazy, but I'm not normally that hangover either... Anyway, I just feel like this is one of the best weekends I've been trough so far, and its not even over yet! Life is very good from time to time, remember that when it feels bad.


The Death of A President

I just saw this brilliant drama about something that hasn't even happened. The fact that is in the form of a documentary makes it all the more frightening. It brings up a number of questions that need answering, and also questions both the American government, and its people. What I would like to ask you is a simple question. Is terrorism a crime? Why? Could you perform an act of terrorism? You would of course not see it as one yourself... The thing about people is they always believe they are right, its actually basic psychology... A person that does not believe that most of their actions and thoughts are good and right are viewed as having a slight psychological defect. So why would a terrorist be any exception? They are people too, often misled by their superiors, and promised false rewards in paradise. Of course this is what is told to those who become Muslim terrorist, what others are told I don't know much about. They believe that if they give their lives in a suicide bombing they will do Allah's bidding, when in fact he is probably turning in his grave. But I wasn't really going to address this topic, what I'm getting at is the fact that most people are to lazy to form their own opinions. Or they are so sure of being right that they don't listen to what others has to say. If you think I'm wrong I encourage you to say so, but then explain why you feel that way. Watch The Death of a President and also watch V for Vendetta. Listen to people, and they might listen to you...


Getting Bloging

The first blog in a line of hopefully many. It feel both scaring and exciting to be able to share my thoughts and feeling with people I never knew existed. Well first of, I'll start by introducing myself. I'm this guy living in Sweden, quite a young one, nineteen since little over a month. I have an apartment down on the West coast, and are right now studying English. I've lived in Halmstad for over half a year at least, and I'm already getting tired of it. The joy of being somewhere new and for the most part unknown makes you feel alive in a stronger way than your everyday life does. My studies makes it more interesting, its a lot harder than what I'm used to from before, and I actually have to use my brain for most of the time. Everything is new, the places you eat, where your supposed to be at different times, what you learn. And the people of course, meeting new people, learning what kind of persons they are. But I wont go into any details this time at least. I like movies and music, drama and jazz is what I'm into right now. Life is what is truly interesting, and I think jazz represents it quite good, it has its ups and down, constantly changing shape into something else. I also like to go out and do some Parkour once in a while, alto I must confess I'm kinda lazy there... You know how it is, there's always something more interesting than what you should do, even if you sometimes do it by your own choice. But that's it for now, not that I couldn't have written more, I'm just a bit tired. Have to get in bed in time for my Power yoga tomorrow. See you around people!

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