The Swineflu Pandemic

What most likely to get you killed that's a direct result of the Swineflu is an outburst of panic caused by Swineflu hysteria, most likely.
At least if nothing dramatic happens, anyway. Like a sudden mutation in the virus that causes it's infectiousness to increase by a few 100 % for instance. Then it might actually be able to kill as many people as the ordinary influenza we're used to.

So far it's just the media having a wank over how easy it is to scare people and make a profit while doing it.
Well then, with that sorted, I'm off to stock up on supplies in case the media actually manages to start a panic that results in looting and anarchy!
Leave my flat alone, bastards! I've got a crowbar and I'm not afraid to use it!

Here's a map of confirmed cases and deaths so far btw.

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