One of Those Days

You know you're in for a bad one when you for the first time in your life had to throw up to feel a little less wrecked.
I still have that sweet and sour burning taste of stomach juice in the back of my throat, and even my breath mints kept in a little white unmarked medical bottle won't make it go away.
Despite feeling like someone's ripped out chunks of my intestines, I'm pretty sure where it all went wrong. Sure, it's gone wrong before, but this case is unique in a way.
It started of with me going to get myself a beer. I offered to buy beers for the people at my table while I was at it. They accepted. I bought the damned things.
Here, though, is where things start going wrong.
None of them really wanted any beer, except for the guy I was there with.
So, in an act of stupidity I drank 3 beers instead of one.
In retrospect I shouldn't even have had one more, but the thing with beer is that it tastes better the more you drink.
So, needless to say, I felt pretty fucking great for a while there when the alcohol abused my brain.
And yet another problem I have is that I tend to drink faster the more I drink, which is a really horrible thing to do to yourself. I have several case studies to back this up.

Also: skull-fuckery-from-the-inside type of headache. Luckily it comes and goes, so it doesn't outright wreck my ability to coherent thinking. It's just crippled.
I was hoping that I'd be able to get to my lecture today, but no such luck.
Too bad we don't have video lectures that you can watch several times to get familiar with the material.

(This is a few days old, and it appears I haven't posted it yet for some reason.
I, for one, find it highly amusing how I decided to "never drink again" just a few days ago, and right about now I could actually go for a beer or two. I guess that's life, ey?)

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