No Faith

I don't kid myself in believing that anyone actually reads all the shit I write. Luckily, that don't matter, since I only write for me, and me alone. Todays topic is religion, or as i like to call it, aid for the living impaired. Though I'm not saying that all religions are shit, just most of them. The big once are the best examples, but those aren't any fun to write about, so I'll just take religion in general as an example. For instance, the fact that a person that does not believe in a religion will end up in said religions version of hell. And it doesn't matter how good that persons been. There in itself we find a contradiction. Say that this boy, let's call him George, after the monkey/president... Anyway, George is a good guy, he cares for people, even those he doesn't know, he gives money to the poor, and is active in a ideal organization or two. He doesn't believe in Krishna, Buddha or God, but follows many of their basic ideas of compassion, kindness, and all that. He still get sent to hell, the void, Samsara or whatever. Why? Because of the simple fact that he did not believe. Why would any deity care if he believed or not? They don't, cause they don't exist. Then who does? Think about it, it's not very hard. Who profits the most from organized religions? Could it be... The church?! And sure, the church does some good things, but it mostly works for it's own sake. Organizing bible camps and shit to brainwash the next generation into repeating the pattern that has existed for several hundreds of years now. And who is it that is drawn to religions? Except for children with parents that don't believe in letting their children think for themselves... Mostly those that has ended up in the outskirts of society, those that feel lost and are unsure of themselves. Sure, religion gives them a purpose, the only problem is that it's not their purpose. They chose to join because they want a feeling of security and to be a part of society once again. And this saddens me, haven't we gotten further than this? Why do we still seem to need the constant reassurance of others to put value in ourselves? Why are we still that fucking primitive? The only faith we need is faith in ourselves, and not even that, we need to know ourselves. That's it.

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