A few posts ago I mentioned that I like rain, but what I really love is thunder (and lightning too).
Just few moments ago lightning hit just right around where I live and the most massive rumble hit me just after I registered the flash outside. It sent a shiver trough my entire body and I just stood there with a big smile on my face.
Occasionally there comes another rumble from somewhere in the distance as the clouds releases their built up charges upon our world. But it seems it's already passing on. Too bad. I was hoping for a massive thunderstorm. It's been ages since I've seen one now. If I'm not mistaken I was probably still a child  during the last one. I remember going out to sit on the porch while the thunder almost shook you and the lightning lit up the dark.
Your body tingled from static electricity and pure excitement. Mixed with some fear and awe it made for one excited boy. I probably dreamed about lightning and thunder that night.
It also makes you realize that you're just another part of the world we live in. You feel small and gets taken down a peg for a while. Then it shifts into a childish excitement. You feel as if the lightning and thunder somehow empowers you. Maybe it's the boy and the man fighting for control inside of me?
It doesn't really matter. I'm pretty sure I'll always like thunder, no matter what happens.

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