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Commercials. What images, slogans and logos flash trough your mind as your hear that world? If your anything like me hundreds of adds, commercials, billboards, jingles, posters and so on flashes before your minds eye. So, what's the problem then? Well, for one, my brain can be put to better use than storing 20 years of clever marketing. I doubt drugs would have a more lasting effect than the constant bombardment we go trough every day. Alright, some might, but have in mind that I'm against synthetic drugs for the most part, so those doesn't count. Anyhow, I found out about Culture Jamming a few minutes ago. I feel in love with this form of criticism. It seems to be quite free, so you can use it for more or less anything, the only thing that seems to be totally of is to use it for actual marketing. Most forms are bound to some sort of political criticism, questioning what something is, twisting an add into something completely different for instance. But it's hard to explain in words, so lets switch to video, shall we?

Political is good, but if your just looking for some fun, check out: Mario Boxes! I could probably go on for ages about this. Anonymous could be another example of Cultural Jamming mixed with hacktivism for instance, but I don't wanna rant. Oh, and that reminds me... Anonymous held it's second global protest on the 15th. As a result the Enturbulation.org forum is down. They need new severs to handle the extra workload. So the protests are yet again successful, it seems. Alright, one more video, but that's it!

Now go check out their homepage.

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