Anonymous vs. Scientology VI

Scientology have given on words and have started to act at last. The page containing the info about protest, assignments, and acts of support Party Van has been closed down for reasons unknown. Another site, 711chan, was targeted by a hacker group called The Regime, who apparently thought it was a good idea to brag about this on YouTube. This quickly resulted in them getting their site hacked, and their names, addresses, IPs and other info posted on their own homepage. More about this on Digg. Oh, and The Regime now goes under the name The Fagime. Anonymous has posted a second video: Call to Action. And if you wonder which videos are really Anonymous, and which are not... The user that posts the videos that have any true meaning goes under the name ChurchOfScientology on YouTube, subscribe today! Turns out there is also another blog dedicated solely to this event, and are apparently updated several times a day. It's called: Scientology is a crime against humanity ... An incredibly bad name really, but as it also happens to be true, and they do update more than I do... Disregard that, I suck cocks. Here's an example on the response you get for criticizing Scientology. Perfectly normal behavior, denial, turning the accusations around like an angry five years old boy... And they claim they're being harassed? And what was the deal with that cop? Bought, brainwashed, or both? Here's some less serious criticisms against $cientology: YAAFM. And finally, if you've got the resources to make your own stickers, here's the perfect thing: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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