A few days into the cold

I got up about 1 and a half hour ago. I'm still eating breakfast, my hair looks like someone made if from concrete and firecrackers, and I have to convince people to give me money so that I don't have to pay as much rent on a monthly basis. Other than that, I need to do some gardening, and get my head out of my tiny dick so that I actually do the finishing touches on that humongous essay I wrote some time ago. This is my "to-do" list of today. And I have to buy noodles. And survive on those for 20 days. Something tells me I'm gonna hate noodles after those days are trough. Oh, and I'm tagging along as a friend does some other stuff, mostly involving tattoos and piercings from what I understood. This is my day, as far as I know, before it's really begun. Sometimes you just want a pocket universe where you could hide out and do all the things you want to do that you don't have the time for in this. My god, that would come in handy. In other news: there's a mocking bird outside my window. It's sitting on this branch of a small tree, swaying in the wind, apparently mocking me with it's weird laughter. What are these god damned animals? Here, read this while I'm gone. It's a article about why time goes one why, how this explains the universe, big bang happened, and why that doesn't really matter anyway. Plus, it's supported by the second law of thermodynamics. Or, it's a theory about all this at least. Either way, awesome stuff.

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