A Voice? The Voice?

So once again I'm setting here in front of my screen, while the clock turns further and further from my bedtime.
It's not that I couldn't have gone to bed hours ago. I'm not really sure why I like staying up until my working friends almost has to get up and start getting ready for work. I try to keep certain times. My alarm rings at 10 every morning for instance. But so far that only means I sleep less for the most part.
The last time I got in bed around midnight was probably when I was drunk, and that was a few months ago now. Don't really drink much. Never have really.
Anyway, I was gonna write about the Voice. Every notice how some people, when they speak they automatically takes command of the room somehow? They've got a certain voice. Or maybe it's a tone? I don't really know, but what I do know is that Hitler wouldn't have caused half the trouble he did whiteout his voice. It can be a commanding voice. It can also be an inspiring voice. It makes you feel comfortable and secure, like your father or mother talking calmly to you as you fall asleep at night.
I just watched Pontypool for the second time, so voices, words and the understanding of them is on my mind right now.
It actually forces you to think about language, which we normally take for granted. Well, unless you work with it or something obviously.
If you could chose whatever voice you wanted, which would it be? I'd like a darker voice myself. I feel it's too soft, too timid really. Then again I am a really nice guy, so a voice that intimidates people might not fit me.
No, what I would need right now is a steadier voice. Less nervous, more in control. But maybe that comes when you feel more in control? Sounds pretty logical when you think about it. Of course you can train your voice to try and remain steady at all times, but that seems dishonest to me somehow.
Considering how dependent we are on social communication, using a fake voice is really a bit like plastic surgery. Communication in general depend on honesty. Of course, that also depends on the goals you have with your communication. Some even say we have a natural ability to lie and cheat, and detects lies as well. That too seems pretty useful. At least for now. Some day we might not need it, and I think we can all agree on that being a positive development.
I'll stop ranting now. The clock just passed 5 AM/05:00 over here as well. Somewhere inside my head a female sumo wrestler is singing. Something by Wagner most likely...

Gary by Clément Soulmagnon & an American Pyscho music video by Dave Green

Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

And here's the promised music video.

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