Massive Post in Which Webcomics Lay

The Love Eaters
A short tale of timeless monsters and a snake.

Border Crossing
About culture and alternate realities. I have little to no idea what's going on so far, but I like it. I think.

Nathan Sorry
A man who should have died at the 9/11 attack starts over with his dead colleagues fake money laundering identity. Good stuff.

Magpie Luck
Something nice about a time traveler. It reminds me of the Little Match Girl for some reason.

Mister Crimson
Is the personal favorite out of these. Awesome art, and a nice pulp feel to it.

Nightmare World
Assorted horror stories of varying magnitude and style.

Adventures of the Floating Elephant
Seems to be some sort of psychological drama so far. Odd things are happening though, so that'll probably change. Pretty good stuff.

The Lungs of the World
Looks sorta like a crossover between an art constellation and a comic. Highly interesting stuff.

Decayed Orbits
In where pirates and corporations battle over satellites in some manner which I'm not totally clear on.

Major Tom & Transient
Both sci-fi themed stories. Both pretty damned good.

Templar, Arizona
Awesome comic with loads of material. I've read over 100 pages by now, and I'm not out of 2007 yet. Really good stuff. A bit of cyberpunk and a bad future.

There, that should keep you occupied for a while. Enjoy!

Moving Around

On the move again. The weather seems to have anticipated my departure and throws on a show complete with curtains of falling water. I like the rain though, so I don’t mind. In fact I’m one of those deeply disturbed people you can see walking around in the rain with a big smile on their faces. That’s how much I like it. It’s better out of the city though. The sky isn’t just a gray blur. It’s got texture, and at least shades of gray.
Right now I’m stuck in the buss terminal in Gothenburg. There’s connections here if I need them, but I’m gonna stay off-line until I get on the buss. It’s nice to be unplugged for once. It’s just you and the world as perceived by your own senses. It’s more intimate somehow. The cold stone floor beneath me reminds me that I’m a bit out of my usual habitat. The place is made out of glass, stone and metal. The metal makes up the skeleton and the glass covers it like skin. The sloped glass panes creates miniature waterfalls everywhere around me. It’s pretty relaxing. If I didn’t have to check the clock once in a while I might even fall asleep right here on the cold floor. Though something tells me that might also be because of the lack of sleep I’ve gotten lately. I did sleep about half an hour or so on the train that took me here, so that’s something. Not really enough, but it’s a start.
There’s still 25 minutes until the buss leaves. That’s a long time when you want to get going.

And now I’m sitting on the train on the way back. It’s a more luxurious train, but the air condition must be broken, cause it feels a little like the tropical heat of the Dominican Republic. As we move south-west the clouds turn darker and darker. It seems the heavy rain I left going up is here to welcome me back home. I haven’t really thought about it before, but there’s a lot of forest all throughout central Sweden. It’s just by the coasts that nature has been forced to let go. Or up north, where big trees can’t really grow big at all. The heat makes it hard to focus. Thoughts keep chasing each other trough my neurons like a electrochemical game of tag.
We’ve stopped for a while on one of the small train stations along the way. The colors go in plant green, rust brown and concrete gray. People walk past the window. I see a blond girl with torn jeans walk buy. She spits and looks ferocious. For a moment I imagine her stabbing someone with the long black umbrella she carries in her left hand. Then we leave, and she soon fades from my mind.

From a few days ago.

Original teaser

Saw this a few months ago now. Still love it. Might have posted it earlier. Don't care. Can't stop grinning like an idiot.

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