The End is Neigh

This scares the hell out of me. It looks like a decapitated mule with beehives strapped to it. And even though it's probably amazing in terms of technology, which I mostly love, it freaks me out to no end. Especially the way it always keeps it balance, and the fact that it moves like it does. It's like Bambi, if Bambi was a highly advanced robot prototype that is.

This one is much better. It seems less Intelligent, and doesn't move like animals. Plus it's a lot smaller, which means it won't kill you if it tackles you by mistake. It looks amazing under water though. I'm part terrified, part amazed at how far we've come in robotics. Hopefully we won't have to fight these things for out lives later on. Imagine hiding in a basement and hearing that buzzing noise the Big Dog makes... Though that's at least ten years into the future, so we might kill ourselves before that anyhow.

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