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Video/Computer Games and Violence

1. Do not judge a medium you haven't tried. It just makes you look ignorant.
2. Do not claim to know what it contains unless you have an extensive knowledge of it. (Other than video games, anime, manga and porn comes to mind.)
3. Listen to what people say. That way you can actually use your brain instead of overly emotional responses that have nothing to do with what was just said.
4. Do not watch bad television shows that are into populism instead of serious debate.
5. Remember to not start watching said program in an agitated condition.
6. Buy splatter shield for computer.
7. People who know nothing about games that use the same arguments against them as they did in the age of "video violence" should never be on television in the first place.
8. Yes, people who only play violent games all the time and don't have much of a social life will become more aggressive. Solution: Getting a social life. Or: get them to play different types of games.
9. Most games aren't violent. Then again, most people on television doesn't lie either...
10. I have  come to the conclusion that lists are not my thing, and should be avoided in the future. Too much linear structure makes me confused. I prefer options.

God dammit America...

I especially like the guy throwing money in his face. Very classy.


This is brilliant and amazing. And I have no idea who it is. Just like everyone else. I was also sure that I had already throw this up here. Oh well.

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