Coffee, Sleep and The Thermals

I haven't slept tonight, at all. I didn't have time t, since I had an exam I had to pass today. So right now I feel very tired, worn out and there is something very wrong with my brain. I also managed to get high from a overdose of caffeine... I decided to make coffee to be able to stay up all night studying, so I boiled some water and then poured it in a mug. I then threw some express coffee into the water... About 3 - 4 dl I think. It tasted like crap, but since I hate coffee that was expected, I added lots of sugar. Now I had something that tasted like sugar with a taste of coffee, altogether acceptable. I drank it while reading, and soon became overactive, and had a hard time concentrating. I managed to do the exam at least, but I'm never drinking coffee again. And I've heard a extremely good bloody song! The Thermals - A Pillar of Salt Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwgNMrs-i80&NR And after checking the coffee jar, I discovered that I took almost half of it... It was nearly full.

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