Todays Observations

Our personality is subjective. This means that you are a different person depending on who you're spending time with. This is because we think others expect a certain behavior from us. We have become who others think we should be, and we don't even know for sure what they want us to be. Identity is a lot more complicated once you start thinking about it, which leads me to my next thought. Someone has crammed the entire history of Bollywood inside my head. I have a few million people singing, and the resonance is shattering my skull from inside my head. It might also explode, which hopefully results in someone getting impaled by my spinal column. Or maybe my brain is trying to stab my face from the inside? It might also be both, and my brain is trying to escape by desperately clawing it's way out of my face to die like a fish on land once outside. Death by Bollywood. Sometimes I even scare myself. There are falus shaped things originally from China exploding outside and raining down a burst of brightly colored stars on the cold grass below. I suspect witches, and must go fetch my pitchfork. I also have a huge guillotine shaped piece of glass from a broken picture frame that I will make a mirror out of. I'm not sure how to make a mirror, but it is going to involve dark paint and serious tape somehow. I'll probably end up with a peg-leg though. But the loss of a limb will make me forget the headache at least. The brain isn't too good at perceiving pain from different areas of the body, apparently. This is all. I will have to read a few chapters today as well, and spend some time editing my rough start of an essay. But only if my brain gets somewhat normal. If it doesn't I would like some LSD or something to teach the bastard a lesson.

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