I Hate It Here

Everybody who knows anything knows what's coming now... I'm going to tell you that you should really look up this guy called Spider Jerusalem, he's not a real person, but is never the less a better one than a lot of people. Why? Because he's honest about everything, even if his mother would look like a half dead crack-whore he would tell her, because the truth matters... Now for people. Their is two things that make people something to stay as far away from as possible. These are: they lie, and they think they are right. Some people know how to do this in a good way, and if happens to be so that you are right you might just be... A ass. Not saying that you are wrong here, just trying to explain that if you don't listen to what others think your no better than the Nazis. The thing about opinions is that everybody got them and everybody thinks they're right. Annoying because it leads to a lot of unnecessary shouting and occasional violence, since people don't seem to take kindly to getting their "truths" questioned. It's the same with everything, but mostly bigger things like religion and politics. We know this because there has never been a war over leaving a window open, but there has over religion and politics. realizing that you too can be wrong is the basics for the evolution of mankind. ...And I still think religion is an aid for the living impaired.

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