I feel like writing now suddenly. The thing is i didn't before i started to. When you do something that feel alright it's easy to keep going, to start again when you have stopped is what is hard. I just realized how i write, i don't write with a plan or even a faint structure. It just appears within me and i write, i don't know why my mind works in this way, is not to any real disadvantage, since I've got good memory and can keep things quite focused in that way. If i were to write fiction it is actually quite interesting, since you cant figure out whats going to happen next in my stories. It was actually quite some time since i wrote any fiction now, if i feel like doing something i will post it, in case someone actually reads this. I don't really care, if i did i would have stopped long ago... Flow is something overused in sports and work, everything that requires a achievement of some sort. I don't view it as that, i see flow as something close to zen, equilibrium, balance, or something similar to those words. It is more a feeling than a word if you ask me, a state of both mind and body were everything works, there are no hesitation, no obstruction of either mind or body. They are one for a brief moment. You have complete control over everything, and feel like everything is good. It also used in Le Parkour. And often, at least here i Sweden, we overuse it. I have even heard people saying that what matters is flow, meaning only to move in a smooth way. Since i see it as a whole i would disagree. A movement is beyond the physical plane, it is in your mind and in your spirit as well. It is all of you, not something that is tied to your body only. Flow is just when the motion of both mind and body are working as one. they connect and forms the Yin and Yang of the self, or rather the center of the Yin and Yang, equal parts of opposites that balance each other. This is always what i thought of as Zen, which may, or may not be true. What matters most is understanding anyway...

Writers Block

I like to write, I don't like to write a lot of crap. That I feel I have done for a while now and therefore I haven't written in a while. I have had numerous thought pass through my head since last time I wrote, I and thought I could possibly have something to say this time, however it seems that I have not. As usual. It is one of those days today, were you haven't done anything and would like to accomplish something, but you have no idea what to do. I'm gonna think about what to do for once, plan my course of action for the rest of the evening. First of I'm going to go out into my kitchen, turn on the plates and start boiling water and heating up the frying pan. Taking out some groceries first of course. Then after I've started in the kitchen, I'm going to clean up a bit while keeping my eye on the stove. Then I'm going to eat, and afterwards I'm going to... hmmm, I don't know actually. I would really like to train a bit, but since I've got a cold it wouldn't be a to bright idea... Damn, this really is boring isn't it? I don't really think a heavy organized living is my thing, I might express myself in a old manor, but rest assured I love to play and have fun. I hate to clean and prefers to take life one day at a time, I almost never study for anything more than 2 days in advance, including big exams.... Damn, now I sound like someone boring trying to sound cool instead... Fuck it, I'm hungry.

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