Seems like either blogger och scribe fire has a bit of a meltdown. At first I though I only had trouble with Vimeo embedding, but now it seems like new posts wont show on the front page, and can only be entered trough the users menu. So either I give you my pass, or I fix it. Somehow. Great fun!
Also: the links are different in SF and on Blogger. Curious.


Edit: Turns out it was Firefox. Not sure how. Works fine on Chrome though.

Amanda Palmer



Going trough a lot of grinding.be I've neglected. I'm mostly interested in the ideas of the future, society and humanity I've found.

The Transhuman Race

The Future Shocked

A Few Futures

Return of the Stoned Ape

Everyone can be Batman pt 1 & pt 2

Not from grinding, though it might have lead me there:

Street Medic

A Camera in the Back of Your Head

Captain Swing and the Swing Riots


It Ain't My Fault


Phoenix Jones

Real-life superhero drives away burglar. The world just keeps getting more and more interesting.

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Earlier article about PJ.

Edit: He apprently got his nose broken recently.

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