Israeli News Report on Scientology

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Part 2:

First serious tv-coverage on Scientology so far. Lot's of people seem to be unaware that only a tenth or so of the organizations part of Scientology are actually open about it. The drug rehab organization Narconon is one example. According to their own research they're number one when it comes to getting people clean. This is of course not true, in fact, according to sources unaffiliated to Scientology and their puppet organizations, Narconons program is less effective than the well known 10 Steps Program. While other programs succeed in 15% of their cases, Narconon claims a 70% success rate. Only comparing the numbers reveals that there is something weird going on. If it was that easy to cure people of an addiction, wouldn't we have a lot less addicts running around? Then we have the Scientology organization's War on Psychiatry. Basically they're trying to ban Psychiatric treatment and the prescription of psychiatric drugs. Not only in the US, but in the entire world. Sure, it may sound a little tin-foil when I say they're aiming for the entire world. But they see it as their mission to save the entire planet. Or at least the people that's not at the top does. What David (the leader) and his friends are after is probably more along the lines of bad comic book villains plans of world domination. Then we have their practice of creating a file on everyone that joins, and making them reveal everything about their past. This gives them a lot of dirt to pressure members with in case they think about leaving the organization. Or at least to make sure they remain silent about what they know. But enough ranting. Watch the news report, and go to the protest tomorrow at the 12th.

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