All fortunes should be given to the poorest people to compensate for the gigantic gaps between the rich and the poor. No person should have any significant power over another. Added sugar should be made illegal. Brands says nothing about what kind of person you are, just how brainwashed you are by commersials. Capitalism is shit. Most religions are of dogmatic nature, and therefore should be considered as something very negative, always be critical to people that claims to be right. Nobody likes fundementalists, doesn't matter if they're Muslim, Christian, Hindu or something else. Oil and gas should be illegal. Tv is mostly crap, with all commersials and bad shows being aired all the time, it's a wonder that there are still inteligent people left on this planet, thank you Discovery! McDonalds is the antichrist. Media is another thing that should be firebombed a bit. The fact that the media is supposed to inform us of what is happening in the seems to have been forgotten, what matters to them is that they make money, not that we have any knowledge of what the world looks like today. The fact that the media is also influenced by political partys is another thing that at least i am very critical against. They should at least look at the politicians a bit closer, and not take a stand like they mostly do. It's not thier jobb. Candy is another thing that should be made illegal, the only thing remotley acceptable is dark choclate, preferably with nibs, and not to much damn sugar. Soda and fast-food is also kinda bad, but sometimes a burger or a pizza is ok. Soda on the other hand should be executed! Snacks to. Can't think of anything more right now... I'll make a list of good stuff as well, not this week though.


Not any specific one, just war in general. It's probably the single human activity that show exactly how undeveloped our species is. Because it has nothing to do with safety and protection, it has always been about power and money in its many forms. There is nothing that is worth the kind of suffering and terror that is caused by war, and there is always a better alternative than violence in any of its forms. This goes for any acts of violence, no one has the right to harm another person, and if everyone actually lived by the saying "Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated", this world would be a much better place. And stop lying all the time and speak your mind! No lies, no violence. So easy and yet so hard.

Shut Up and Listen

I am back once more to write for no real reason other than the fact that i like to! The thing is that if you are going to write a blog you need something to say, preferably something that's not worthless. So why don't i stop right now? Be because i happen to have a lot of things to say about, mostly, how i happen to view reality. For instance i do not see any value in money, i don't really want a job at the moment, though i dont need one anyway since i'm studying. I think graffiti is art, though as everything it depends on the details. But i really didn't have any clear thought on what i wanted to write about, i just felt like writing. One thing that would be nice though, is if people learned to listen, and not just pretend that they do. And actually started looking around, because you cab find alot of beautyfull and intresting thing in your own back-yard. One thing i've learned from practicing parkour is to always look twice, because you migth have missed a angle. What is most important is of course to do what feels right. On a sidenote i'm now quite certain that i am a communist, the problem is the fact that we humans are not yet ready for that kind of society, we are to primitive and selfish, we care more about what others think than what we ourselfs do, and don't realise that luxury and happiness are two diffrent thing that most likely have nothing to do with each other. I say most likely, because i think it become harder to be happy with a lot of money, but i don't think it's impossible. Anyway, drunken love to all!

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