It's amazing how things never seem to turn out they way you want them to, and thank the trinity of Hendrix, Morrison and Thomson that it never does.
Would you appreciate things if they always happened the way you want them to? Probably, but for how long? How long until you get bored and need to get out, drink yourself into such a state that you'll try to fuck whatever seems slightly interested in you, wake up in a park underneath a newspaper with cigarette burns on your genitals and the feeling that you ate last years newspaper that's spent it's last days soaking up cat piss in a litter box?
I think that's what's happening now. I've been too good and focused lately. I'm getting to bed a hour past midnight the latest. I brush my teeth, study more or less in at right times.
The worst thing I've done lately? Watching Californication. I kid you not. I have a man-crush on David Duchonvy though, so I have to.
Or maybe it's not as much a man-crush as a form of twisted substitute of a father figure. Or at least a part of one I created from various males I encountered while growing up.
Yes, I grew up with a single mom. No, I am not gay. Thanks for asking, Dr Freud.
And I'm not even joking. Freud thought growing up with only one parent could make you gay. I think growing up can make you gay, period.
Sure, I might not be as controversial as Freud, but I'm bound to be right in more cases.
But it's not fair against Freud to go on about this either. I live in Sweden. I occasionally see serious relational drama's with old womans breasts while eating a bowl of porridge for breakfast.
I'm not really in the mood at the moment, but around here somewhere is where I should write "And I don't even have a tv!"
Oh yes, I just made a granny fucker joke. Guilty, your honor. Send me to the chair. Lethal injection. Gas me and make soup out of me for rich Coca Cola executives to wash the blood of their hands with.
Fanta was made to be sold in Nazi Germany after all. Ok, so maybe the part I heard about it being created because Coke was to American wasn't true, but it was made to be sold to the Nazis.
Ok, so is that enough mental images for you? Have you imagined the being I've created as a father subtitue while growing up? Teachers, ufo huntig FBI Agents, Belgarath the Sorcerer, and so on. It's a wonder I'm not actually more fucked up than I am.
Who knows. Mom claims I had a change of personality after my last concussion, so maybe.
At least I didn't get a iron rod propelled trough my skull by dynamite while digging a railroad. Happened to a guy a few hundred years ago. Apparently he switched from a really nice guy into a drunken bastard.
Not that you need a iron rod trough your brain to have that happen to you.
I suppose that's just how life is. Sometimes things are interesing, you have to adapt and overcome obstalces, other times an iron rod smashes your granny fucking brains in and you become a Nazi alchoholic.
As long as things keep being weird and you can make it even weirder when you feel the need for the surreal, I must proclaim that it is good. What else'd be the point?


Good News Everyone!

Loose your legs and become a mermaid! Remote controlled mini helicopter with a shotgun. Seriously. Or just read H+ Magazine to find out what the future might bring.


The Tallest Man on Earth

Newly discovered singer songwriter. Very good. Reminds me a bit of Dylan, which is decidedly not a bad thing in this case.


2 Hours of Sleep

That's apparently how little I can sleep during the night and function normally. Well, alright, so normally might be stretching it. One of the drawbacks with being a freak of nature I suppose. But still, I spent most of the time I spend comatose studying for my first Psychology exam. Then slept badly on the couch for 2 hours before going to school and doing the exam. That took 4 hours, and then I went home, feeling quite superior in a ├╝bermench sorta way for the rest of the day. Oh, and I did parkour for 2,5 hours as well. In snow. Ok, so I just wanted to post something before going to bed basically. I had quite a few ideas, but it seems parts of my brain has shut down to avoid long term damage already. Oh yeah: Smile more. It tricks your brain into making you happier. A book told me, so it's hopefully fairly accurate. Or maybe it's a trick to get people to smile more towards each other, thereby creating a more friendly society... Or maybe I've watched too many cheap Buddhist knock offs of the X-files.


Raiding Vimeo 2

Yeah, it didn't take many hours for me to decide to make another one. I didn't even close the tab I had opened for the first one before I started this one. Anyway, it's as usual a mixed bag of awesome videos. Like this one, for instance:
Suddenly from Magnus Engsfors on Vimeo. Apparently he's just hanging in wires as someone goes around taking loads of pictures of him that's later been made into a surreal video. Or how about a video where a guy travels the world to dance in all kinds of places?
Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo. It has a tendency to make me very happy. It's people having fun, which usually makes the people watching happy. A piece of advice: Smile more. It makes you happier. Seriously, it tricks the brain into making you happier. Go look it up somewhere if you doubt me. But happiness can be replaced by sorrow as well:
Tea / Las Alturas Fire, Santa Barbara California from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo. Luckily I don't think anyone died, although a lot of homes where lost. Unlike in Australia, which as far as I know is still burning. Emotions always seem to be shifting, so maybe we should just relax, enjoy life and throw a party instead?
DGENERATE NATION - Skate With Me from DGENETICS on Vimeo. Besides, if I get to post at least something with a bit of music in it I'm happy. And this is a music video even! Though sometimes we just need to take the time to appreciate the small moments that we usually seem to ignore. Like having lunch in a hole in the wall type Asian restaurant.

lost in a moment from dennis wheatley on Vimeo. It's a cutout of a moment in time. Some say life is just a string of moments happening after one another. Some that life never truly change. Others that things always change and never stay the same. I'd personally say that life is what you think it is. If you want to believe that things never change I suspect I'd have a hard time to convince you otherwise. As long as it works out for you, I probably shouldn't try either.

Raiding Vimeo

We all know that Vimeo are superior to YouTube for a number of reasons: it looks better, has real HD quality, and consist mainly of good videos. Consider how much crap there are all over YouTube. Most of it is just copied from other places and reposted there too. Or at least a lot is. Vimeo, however, does not allow anything else than original work. This means you have to have made what you post yourself, or at least was involved in the production somehow. But enough jabbering. I took an hour or so to look up some videos to post. I didn't even have to leave the first page to find them either. Who knows what I've might find if I venture in deeper?
Rendezvous with Rama from Aaron Ross on Vimeo.
1000 Bills (In Imago Speramus) from Alex Itin on Vimeo.
MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo. Yeah, so these 3 falls under art. Which seems to be what most of Vimeo consists of from where I'm standing. Of course, that not all there is either. There some social commentary in the mix as well. For instance this little piece about Blackwater and other mercenaries in Iraq:
Hired Guns from JD on Vimeo. Not that I mind the art or anything, but I like variation too. The next video is also art, but since it's in HD I decided to end this post with it. More videos are to be expected. You may now rejoice. I might also post about psychology in the future. We'll see what happens I suppose.
SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.


Assorted things again!

That's right, I have nothing important to preach today either, so it will be another post where I try to entertain the non-existent readers I have.

How about some Wingsuit Base Jumping to kick things off?

Quite suicidally dangerous if I may say so. For some reason I want to put one of those on and swoop down from rooftops and kick bad people in the head...
If you care about my wellbeing you will not buy me one. This is not in any way reverse psychology I might add.

A short film about vampires, love and comedy.
Bats in the Belly by Thomas Gerber:

Yeah, that's a nice easy start I think. Now for the important stuff.
Like how to prevent the inevitable collapse of the American society by turning balconies, rooftops, parks and so on, into gardens. It's a "Eat your veggies or die" type of deal.
And it gets all the more relevant because of parallels to the development in Russia a decade or two ago.
More here.
And if you've got the money stashed away you might as well invest in a Farm Fountain right away. It'll probably help a bit when society falls apart around us.


A tune for Valentines

Or was that yesterday? Ah, who cares. It's highly entertaining in either case.


Lots of Things

This post will mainly contain links and stuff like that. I'm busy with studies atm, so posting will be infrequent I'm afraid. Here's a little something for valentines for instance:
And here's a link to an io9 post about lasers being used to close wounds. Penny talks about mental illness and how hard it is to find a job with it. A really good post. China apparently has execution buses that double as organ harvesters. Crime forfeits your rights to have organs, apparently. People interested in genetics might want to read about Punctuated Equilibrium and Hopeful Monster.

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