Going Away

So a couple of my friends are going skiing in February next year, and after a while trying to figure out what its gonna cost, I realized that I wouldn't afford it. Since that obviously sucked, I stared planning my escape. Me and my friend Daniel, who was in the same position as me, decided that we would go traveling throughout Europe this summer. So I've been checking for good ways to get from place to place, and it looks like we'll go by buss quite a bit. I found a good page for people that were driving from country to country and didn't mind some company for the ride, so that looks like a good option too. We haven't planned more than that we're going, but I know of a few places I want to visit. Prague, Berlin and Barcelona, along with Paris are of course obvious, but I really want to see the French coastline with Marseille and Cannes. But after that I don't know, Rome would of course be really nice. And Russia too, but its apparently complicated to get a visa, and you need to register with the police when you've gotten there. So now I don't know what to do, try to save money I guess. Look for a weekend job or something, because I'm not really planning to work in the places we go to. Perhaps we could bring a guitar and a drum or something and play for money in each town we get to? Not sure if were good enough to do it though, I can play harmonica and my drum quite ok, and he knows a few chords on the guitar... But I don't think any of us are really good at playing together, so it's time to start practicing I suppose. Take care now! /Emil

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