Awesome tv

One of my favorite shows when I was a really small kid was Ika I Rutan, it's a Swedish show about a woman who looks like a early goth, who mimes, dances like John Cleese, and does a lot of random things, often accompanied by some slightly psychotic music. The show had a more or less psychedelic feel about it, and has probably affected a whole generation of young Swedes to some degree. Some loved it, some were terrified of it. Hell, some still have nightmares about it. Here's another example:

I think you get why this show could be scary for a young child now. Though I don't care, I'm gonna show this to my future kids either way. It's still tons better than this a lot of the Disney-crap out there... Though I love the Lion King as well I have to say. Here's another Ika-clip, she's invented a dancing-spray, to make people dance:

And to round things of, a longer clip where she's trying to scare us, and learn us how to scare people. Don't miss the vampire, the egg, or anything else awesome!

Vegetable Genocide

I have a garden. I don't rake care of it nearly enough though, so whenever I feel like blowing of some steam I go there and rip up defenseless plants the size of smaller trees with my bare hands. I nearly wrote bear hands for some reason. Could have been a Freudian slip, or maybe I do hands the size of other peoples buttocks? I wonder if having huge hand would be counted as a superpower? Should I use this power for good or bad? Punch bad guys? Rob department stores, and hurl refrigerators at anyone who tries to stop me? Either way, my garden is starting to look like a garden again. I'm not sure this is a good thing though, since I'm used to it looking like a flyover photo of the rain forest. Though I suppose this means I might actually be able to grow something, which is always nice if you feel like feeding your delusions of being a god. "I am Enkahi, creator of all life. I spill my seed and plants rise towards the skies, great and mighty. Out of the pods on these plants, the hairless monkeys emerge, their task it to bring me gifts, and worship my mighty jaw!" Furthermore, my great powers of observations have revealed to me that, Warren Ellis, the real reason behind the reformation of the church (it was originally just a drunken prank), lives in London. Why I didn't know this is a great mystery, almost as huge as the entire plot of the X-files. Though I'm not sure why this is public knowledge, his enemies might just decide to get him with a thermonuclear strike, just to be sure. I could of course use my divine powers, which of course include la parkour, juggling, and perfect balance. Those are the ones I like anyway. I do have superskin, teeth that can pulverize bars of steel, and my giant fists as well, but those aren't nearly as fun. Leaping trough the air and grabbing a hold of a ledge with your teeth looks quite neat, but it tastes like ass, so I wouldn't recommend it. Plus, you might die, which isn't much fun either to tell you the truth.

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