A tulpa, or not a tulpa?

Ever heard that word? Tulpa. It has nothing to do with tulips, tumblers or anything else in the realm of biology. A tulpa is a thoughtform given life. Though, that's of course not all of it. A tulpa is a being created, or given life, by willpower alone. It could be an exact copy of your own body, or look completely different, it depends on what shape it is given by the person or persons imagining it, and I suspect it would also depend on what it's purpose is. So, from what I've understood, there are 2 forms of tulpas. One that is created by a single person, often a yogi of some kind, who have achieved such a knowledge and insight that he can even disassemble his own body in order to fool death. Of course, creating a tulpa is not a hard thing for such a person, since he must have an exceptional will. The other is one created by a group of people, either trough superstition, or consciously creating it in order to reach a certain goal. The first one mostly only lasts for a short time, since it takes a lot of will and focus of the people/person who created it for it to last. But if a group of people create it, with the right methods and devote enough thought to it, it can last past the death of it's creators. In some cases the tupla exists as more of a spiritual being, with no way of influencing the physical world, in others it can manipulate the matter just like us. The difference is that since it is made from several peoples thoughts, it is a lot stronger than normal people in both body and mind. Hence, if a person loses control of it, it might end up killing it's creator. Sorta like Frankenstein and his monster. Ever said that you wanted two of you to manage everything you have to do? Well, think about long and hard enough and you might get what you wish for. Though, if you lose control, you might end up killed by your own thoughts and will. Still, I wouldn't mind getting to know how to make a tulpa. It might come in handy...

The future: It's coming for you

Well, a lot of things are happening lately that I find quite interesting. A lot of which I've heard about trough Warren Ellis blog/page/library or whatever you wanna call it. First of, we might soon be able to ditch our cellphones, mp3 players, and laptops, since we might be carrying our tech on us in the future. Or at least when the pucks gets smaller that is. Hell, I'd probably use em now if I could, and they actually did something that is. But that's getting ahead of the development I suppose. Still, I kinda hope we can use this to carry around more or less whatever we want to. Imagine what a hacker might do with this... It should come as no surprise that I have a stupid little smile on my face. This is the future I've dreamed of, and it's starting to appear right in front of me. Then we have what might be ice on Mars. Which sets of another line of thoughts of people hunting Marsian mega wombats, equipped with a thin coat of "pucks" that check their medical status, their position, metrological conditions, meteors about to enter the atmosphere, and where the damned wombats are. As well as making sure we know the latest news, who's wining the Milky Way Olympics this year, what color goes with the atmospheric changes on Mars this time of year, and so on. So, soon we'll be living on Mars, and having our own personal computer attached to our skin in the form of a small network of little "pucks" using the skin as a relay. Just remember to take them off before getting into a bathtub, and you should be fine.

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