Palin - The Origins of the Info

Turns out all the things we've heard about Palin, like her checking if she could ban books, firing a sheriff she disagreed with, and almost a chief librarian that was saved because people protested the decision, did not originate from liberal bloggers, communists, hate mongers, or anything else like that. It all came from the observations of a local Alaskan woman, who had gotten interested in local politics a number of years ago, that attends more or less all the City Council meetings. She wrote a long email that ended up going viral, but it was originally intended for a few of her friends who wanted to know who the hell Palin was, essentially. It got passed on, ended up all over the place, and people started discussing it. I'd say she's a very good source, since she's observed Palins political career with her own eyes, and although there's gonna be a few personal opinions in there, those should be easily spotted. In fact, because she voices her opinions in the mail, I'd say it can be considered equal to a news paper article, and I'm talking about a real news paper now, the kind who does the news instead of "celebrity rumors", one sided political propaganda, and similar trash bin travesties. Either way, here's the article about Kilkenny, the woman in question. And here's the letter. There is also a second letter, where someone gives their support to Palin by comparing her to Thatcher, which isn't exactly a compliment in my book, so that's about where I stopped reading.

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