Anonymous vs. Scientology VI

Scientology have given on words and have started to act at last. The page containing the info about protest, assignments, and acts of support Party Van has been closed down for reasons unknown. Another site, 711chan, was targeted by a hacker group called The Regime, who apparently thought it was a good idea to brag about this on YouTube. This quickly resulted in them getting their site hacked, and their names, addresses, IPs and other info posted on their own homepage. More about this on Digg. Oh, and The Regime now goes under the name The Fagime. Anonymous has posted a second video: Call to Action. And if you wonder which videos are really Anonymous, and which are not... The user that posts the videos that have any true meaning goes under the name ChurchOfScientology on YouTube, subscribe today! Turns out there is also another blog dedicated solely to this event, and are apparently updated several times a day. It's called: Scientology is a crime against humanity ... An incredibly bad name really, but as it also happens to be true, and they do update more than I do... Disregard that, I suck cocks. Here's an example on the response you get for criticizing Scientology. Perfectly normal behavior, denial, turning the accusations around like an angry five years old boy... And they claim they're being harassed? And what was the deal with that cop? Bought, brainwashed, or both? Here's some less serious criticisms against $cientology: YAAFM. And finally, if you've got the resources to make your own stickers, here's the perfect thing: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Anon vs. SoC: Spread the Word

As you might have figured out by now, getting this know all over the world is one of the cornerstones of the war. This is however not a war in that sense. This is a war using the media, Internet and viral marketing. Posters, articles, bloggs, videos, graffiti and many other things are used to get attention, to wake people up. Freedom of speech works both ways, and the Church of Scientology will claim that we are breaking CR. I, for one, does not believe in Copy Right, and advocates the Creative Commons License, but I'll let you know more about this in another post. What I wanted to spread with this post was some of the posters being used, all of whom are made with no intention of personal gain, and all of whom will be payed with Anons own money. Here they are: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anonymous vs. Scientology V

As you read more and more about this event you will no doubt hear things about Anonymous that are both good and bad. First of, those involved in this is not only members of Anonymous, others have heard about it on the news, read it in papers or found it online, and decided that they agree with us. That they, as us, want to know exactly what the Church stands for, what their goals are, why they don't spread their message as other religions do. The list of questions could go on and on. What I myself wonder is: why does salvation come at such a high prize? Why do they force people to have abortions so they can continue working for the CoS? Why does the members have to install programs on their computers that block anything that could question their beliefs? The answers are obvious, they don't care about their members, or their salvation. The question is: what are their goals then? I have heard that they are trying to secure posts in the American government, so perhaps they will try and have Cruise run for President eventually? I can not say that I know much for sure about them, mainly because they guard their teachings with a fanatical zeal. What I do know is that I think people should have the right think for themselves, decide what is right and wrong, what they want to do with their life's. But, as I was saying Anonymous is not some sort of ethic deity laying down the law for all to see. Anonymous is everyone and no one. And just as any person has the choice between good and bad, so does Anonymous. There are two sides of a sword, and Anon are both. We are like you, and we are you. After all, society has not left that much place for development of the individual so that we are all vastly different. We are society in itself, and in this society all kinds of people co-exist. All are no good, all are not bad. Some are sane, some are mad. What Anonymous will never be is inhuman, something might look that way, but even they greatest human has the ability perform acts of incomprehensible cruelty. It as they saying goes: Because non of us are as cruel all of us.

Anonymous vs. Scientology IV

Things are heating up, the Church of Scientology has started responding. A Swedish representative claimed that Anonymous was affiliated with gun runners and drug dealers. The more intelligent response came from XenuTV who encouraged people not to do anything illegal. The problem here, as I see it, is that since the CoS is the ones who started brainwashing, love bombing, and in general using people who's only fault was that they felt lonely, insecure or that they lacked a purpose. Targeting campuses and schools to make kids and youth work for them is also a good source of cheap labor, as we have seen in certain third world countries from time to time. The CoS also claims that the information provided by Anon is faulty. The question here is why they didn't seem to care much about several of the sites Anon has promoted recently, before this got the medias attention? Sure, they no doubt tried to sue the creators, threaten their hosts and so forth, but they didn't go out with a public statement saying "This and this is wrong." before a larger interest was created by Anonymous. Another representative said that she: "don't give a damn what a bunch of pathetic computer geeks does." or something along those lines, the word "bunch" might not be correct. In response for the Internet, I'd like to say that: "We don't care what the brainwashed puppets of a cult thinks". I'd also like to clear up a few misunderstandings about Anonymous. They are not hackers, though some might very well be... They are a mix of people from all over the world, mostly youth, who does not take kindly to the CoS attempts to censor the Internet and media. A larg part of the next generation, and of course people from others as well, have decided that they're tired of secrecy, the greed, lies and all form of fucked up behavior being showed by the Church of Scientology. Anonymous is the general public, the common and uncommon people, the outcasts, the bored, the scenesters and emos. Anonymous is me. Anonymous is you. And they've just made us angry.


Anonymous vs. Scientology III

The conflict, war, battle, or epic raid, has moved into it's fourth phase. Namely spreading the word all over the world, and try to generate negative attention towards the church of Scientology. Several videos, articles and documents regarding the conflict can be found on Digg, YouTube, Google, all over the place more or less. More and more serious newspapers and such are showing an interest in the conflict. Some think the Anonymous are doing more damage than good, others think they're vigilantes, fighting for a just cause. Physically, a few brave souls have put up posters and given out flyer's in New York around one of the Churches there. In Perth, Australia, other members of Anonymous have made decals and spray painted their messages around town, and on the door to the local Scientology church. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sure, it's technically vandalism, but it's still damn funny.


Anonymous vs. Scientology II

As I said, I will try and keep you up to date about the battle, and will do so divided into several ongoing posts here on my little blog. What I need to clarify here, is the fact that several sites have been threatened with lawsuits from the Church of Scientology, amongst these are Google, Gawker, and YouTube. The only real question is how many hours it will take before they try to pin a lawsuit against Anon? Something that will be nearly impossible, since the number of people involved, and their identity's, are unknown. Anyway, here is the declaration of war, so to speak: Message to Scientology. And further more, a protests of sorts in England: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anonymous vs. Scientology

It is indeed true, the cult versus the infamous Anonymous! The battle has raged for a few days now, and so far Anonymous have closed down a few of the Scientos pages, prank called, ordered them pizza and cabs, to mention a few things. All of this is done publicly as well. But the main thing here is to consider the fact that Anonymous is the perfect organization to take on Scientology. Why? Because they are really anonymous, which seems to be the only defense against the tactics of the church, which includes lawsuit till death for anyone who criticises, questions or try to spread any of their beliefs. People get photographed, and probably stored in some sort of register of know troublemakers or something, only for questioning them publicly. Reporters investigating the church are being followed and advised to stop their slander or face lawsuits. The purpose of these lawsuits are mainly to literally kill a persons finances. It's a message saying: "Do not fuck with us, you can't afford it." And for those who leave this little, friendly and in no way illegal cult, things get really bad. Accusations of pedophilia, threats, and so fort and so on. No "Turn the other check" here... The worst part is that media and celebrities are careful about criticizing Scientology, in fear of a lawsuit which only reason is to intimidate them into keeping their criticisms to a minimum, or non-existant. Anyway, Anon is tired of the abuse of freedom of speech, and has decided to declare war against the Scientos. Something that I wish them luck in, and who knows? I might even try and help them out a bit. As I mentioned, this little battle has only just begun, and there has so far been a little interest shown by the media. But if this thing actually turns into what I hope it will turn into, we're gonna hear a lot more about it soon... One of the first news casts about the battle.

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