Disolving Evolving?

It took me a while to figure out how I view life, what I think our purpose is, and all those things we're supposed to drive ourself mad over before we turn 30. So, what do I think then? Well, alright. I suppose I have to tell you now, don't I? Alright, so first there was evolution. Things progressed, and we managed to form a theory of how we are what we are, and how other creatures are what they are. No problem there. But this was just the beginning you see. Once we've established all of these things, what separated us from the other beings around us? Not that I'd say all of us wants some proof that they're above the other animals, but I think we've all at least had that thought once or twice, right? And even here it's pretty easy. We've got culture. And I'm not talking about culture as in painting, music, and sitcoms here. Human culture, as I see it, is the heritage of our minds. Our memetic DNA, if you so will. Because even in our culture things are inherited from generation to generation. This, I think, is what we need to evolve further. We evolved until we had the mental capacity to form a massive culture. It's gotten so far that parts of the cultural sphere cannibalize itself and eats it's neighbors. Maybe we've gotten as far as we can with our culture? So what then, might the next step be? It's probably a bit early to talk about the next step in the evolutionary chain already though. The idea of cultural DNA hasn't even been firmly established yet, and here I am already asking you: "What's next?" But that's how we evolve. We discover things, we investigate, experiment, construct and keeps the structure intact. Well, at least until we can upgrade it to something better. So, what then is our purpose? I think our purpose is simple. Evolving. Moving on to the next stage. Trying to be the best we can, and then triple it. We might do so by creating things that improve for others, improve the environment, improving the cultural sphere by generating new material to mix into the vast ocean of ideas that already exist. But this is more the goal, not the start. We start, as most people do, at the bottom. We start thinking, decide to try something new, and from that point on we start building momentum. Once you move fast enough almost nothing can stop you. And if you actually meet an unmovable object, you either work out a way to get around it, or crash and pick yourself up, and try another direction. Yeah, so maybe it's not a life philosophy quite yet, but I'm working on it. That's actually enough. For now, at least.

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