Darth Vader Strikes Back

Yupp, seems like Britain recently had it's first accounted case of mortal combat between the Sith and the Jedi. Apparently the founder of the Britain's Jedi Church had angered the mighty lord Vader, and in a fit of drunken rage he decided to strike down the offending element with a metal crutch. It seems the recent years has been hard on old Vader, he apparently had to pawn his lightsaber to afford booze, and his suit was replaced by a black garbage bag. Though he was still wearing his helmet, which gleamed in the sun as he bested his sworn Jedi enemy in single combat. This all happened during an interview with the Sun, where suddenly Vader came leaping over the fence into the garden of the Jedi Master. After he had beaten the Jedi, he decided to strike down reporters as well for good measure. Sounds reasonable to me. The police does obviously like to have a word with him about all this, but I have a feeling Vader wont go down that easily...

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