Susan Blackmore argues for the existence of a third form of replicator. The technological ones. Considering that memetics hasn't yet been accepted as a valid theory, it might seem a little premature think of what comes after the memes, but if you as I had just read an article about humanity becoming the parts of giant computer, it'd seem more relevant.
Imagine the informational symbiosis man and machine could create.
It might look something like The Net in Ghost in the Shell. It might be completely different.
Link here

Next I give you the Red Army Factions manifesto for armed action.

And here's a whole bunch of documents regarding the RAF. Scroll down past the book and it's there.

Want to go sightseeing in Britain? Here's the less know underground locations to do so.

Ever heard of the Black Sunday Hack? Neither had I until I read this. Pretty damned interesting.
And in case you wondered what happened Tarnovsky, you might wanna read here. I'm not sure if the trial's concluded yet though, so you'll have to check that on your own.


I'm up visiting my dad for about a week.
It's good to see him, and to be exposed to a city bigger than what I'm used to. For one the number of people living in bigger cities is a mixture of strange and inspiring. I'm somewhat amazed that it's actually sustainable.
We've been walking around, gone out for a run or two, visited a National Park, played some games at a web café, or whatever it's called. It's just a big room with a counter and lots of computers really.
Other than that I managed finish Bioshock, after having started playing it a year or so ago. Then I tackled Mirrors Edge, which I've been wanting to play for months now. Love that game. Probably because I practice parkour, but still.
Something else we do is talk. Fitting really, considering the post the other day.
We sit around a table and just talk about things. Movies, politics, culture in general, drunken nights we've been trough. Anything goes.
And since I don't really sit around talking about anything interesting with friends back home, it's great to get to voice your thoughts about what personality is, if democracy really is the best way to run a country, or something a little less serious, like why I like a certain kinds of movies. Something you realize when you develop a serious interest in movies is that very few actually have movies as a hobby. It's more a casual form of entertainment for most. Which makes a me a little sad, but it also makes me able to recommend lots of good movies to people who otherwise might never have heard of them. And I love telling people about music and movies they might like. It's a form of bonding trough culture to me.
But generally, I have to say that we need to talk more amongst ourselves. I'm even thinking about starting some sort of discussion group that can just meet up at some café or something in town and just sit around talking with each other. Either chose something we've heard about recently, or maybe something someones been thinking about lately. If worst comes to worst we might just sit around chatting casually, and then you'd still have spent the day talking with some people over a sandwich and a cup of tea, so there's really nothing to lose when you think about it.

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