Iran (24th of June)

More links. Like I've mentioned before (I hope) I post these to document and inform for the most part. I try to keep my own opinions to myself as much as I can, but considering how emotional a lot of the material I find is, that's pretty hard.

From the Wall Street Journal; an article about the death of an innocent student and the consequences it results in.

A video of protesters and Basij on the streets:

More reports of groups supposed to be loyal to the Ayatollah disobaying orders. In this case the Revolutionary Guard.

According to this article the clerics of Iran is discussing an alternative to the supreme leader.

Another article about strikes and shops being closed.

The by now infamous video of the death of Neda Agha Soltan:

And an article about her.

Here's another article, this one about the surveillance by the Iranian government.

And a final video, this one even more gruesome than the one of Neda:


Revolution in Iran

"Garbage burned. Crowds bayed. Smoke from tear gas swirled. Hurled bricks sent phalanxes of police, some with automatic rifles, into retreat to the accompaniment of cheers. Early afternoon rumors that the rally for Moussavi had been canceled yielded to the reality of violent confrontation."
- NYTimes

Images stolen from Whitechapel.


Working Title (About Iran, and sexual frustration)

Hello you glorious bastards! Tis be I, your beloved wanker of a person manipulating small black plastic squares with symbols painted on them.
I am currently heavily intoxicated, which may or may not be a good thing. I'm leaning towards good myself, but I'm obviously biased, so fuck me.
Please? There has been thunder and rain over here, and I took a walk in a pitch black bunch of trees close to the plastic tent the party was located in, and you could have used my penis as a compass if you so wished. I would have been tremendously annoyed of course, but like I said: fuck me.
So, anyway, despite my obvious sexual frustration I am in a good mode. You see, I am might be going to bed early today! Yes, for once I won't go to bed after the sun has started to come up. Progress, you bastards!
Anyway, Iran has been on everyones minds (or should have been if you have a heart that is) lately. Sure, some might think "Fuck it", but if everyone did that it wouldn't be happening in the first place, so you are wrong. I don't care much for your excuses to not care though, so don't post them here.
Anyway, this little second Iranian revolution reminds you of all the others that has been popping up lately. In Tibet and Burma mainly. But there is a massive difference here. For one, there is government support in Iran. The police and military refuses to hurt civilians, and it's igniting factor was an election. This legitimizes the whole thing to a new degree, which means the protests are completely justified. Not only because of rightful anger at being ruled by a bunch of priest and retired revolutionaries that delude themselves in thinking people are actually content with the current situation, but also because it's so fucking obvious that their opinion has been completely disregarded and used to wipe asses with.
Even if the rumors going around is not true, it's still obvious, which makes me want to go clubbing baby rabbits to death with gigantic dildos.
That is all.


Iran - The Election Was Rigged

People are apparently starting to find boxes of ballots thrown in dumpsters all over the country.
This, in combination with the current President winning even in the oppositions own home village, as well as winning with a clear majority when the result was predicted to be quite even, seems to indicate that the election was indeed a sham.

And here's another blog updating with the latest info.

Trials Against the Church of Scientology in France

Older article.

New article.

If they are judged guilty the Church of Scientology will no longer be considered legal in France. If it happens, it'll most likely take a few years.
L. Ron Hubbard was apparently also judged guilty of fraud in '78.

A Quick Iran Update

I'm hearing rumors of the police siding with the people, and the military refusing to harm protesters...
I might have to skip sleep altogether tonight to see what happens.

Also: Links.
Here's a piece that takes you back a bit and forces you to think instead of diving into it with your emotions. I found it helpful at least.

U.S. State Department asked Twitter to move their update so that the Iranian people could use it to communicate?

An article about the police protecting both sides. Pretty even headed and whiteout taking a stand towards either side. Good journalism.

Things are getting very interesting. I need tea now.


Iran Links Update

Where I mostly post links so people can see whats going on for themselves.

Here's a few of the photos coming out from Iran. Some NSFW stuff, and it shows just how many people are demonstrating.

Some video from the news.

Another continuously updating blog with loads of information.

A video of wounded people being carried to an ambulance and driven away as the crowd chants.

A man climbing Azadi Sqaure.

A site collecting various Tweets concerning Iran.

Another video, this one showing clashes between riot police on bikes and a massive crowd.

The Twitter of a medical student inside Tehran.

Article about student killed during clashes.

More images from the protests. Some NSFW.

And finally a really good article that clarifies things from a more political standpoint.


Links for Iran

There's tons of links on Whitechapel for info, Iranians twittering, throwing up images, videos, etc.

Michael J. Totten also has a great independent news blog worth checking out.


Iran - A Quick Comment Before Unconsciousness

After it became apparent that the old President of Iran would stay, parts of the word said that things would stay the way they where before. Namely with relations to most of the world deteriorating more and more.
But with the several thousands strong protests still going strong I'm not so sure. I expressed hope that Iran would manage to overthrow it's dictatorial regime in a post months ago. After all, a majority of the population are young people. Not that young people equals revolutions, but they tend to be the ones that (for good or bad) gets pissed off enough to do something about it first.
Not that a bloody revolution would do much, except get hundreds of protesters killed. Hopefully the protests keep relatively calm, because if things get too out of hand, that's the excuse the government and Ayatollahs need to send in the army and their revolutionary guard.
I don't want to go to bed, but I can't stay up past sunrise today again. Tonight sleep will come bearing dreams of a free Iran.
My thoughts are with you.
(And so is my writing, which will continue tomorrow.)


Model/Photographer by Zak Forsman

A six minute prelude to the upcoming feature Heart of Now.

Via Twitch
Zak Forsman is a part of the movie collective Sabi.
He's also made another short called: I Fucking Hate You.


Ken Ishii - Extra

More music because I am lazy and this kicked my brain in just the right place.

Music for My Breakfest



Don't have the time to write anything other than an essay today, so I come bearing links instead.

All 3 from Grinding.be actually.

2 makes me think of cyberpunk, and one of an Utopian future.

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