Mirrors and Beer

I had fun this Wednesday, got really drunk and went to bed in the early morning, just as it should be. Started the whole thing at my place, only 4 people (myself counted) was there but we had quite fun anyhow. Then we walked over to the pub at the university, meet some friends, danced badly in a circle, asked the DJs to play songs they didn't have. When we got home, two classmates crashed at my place, the clock was like 05:30 in the morning. I was badly hangover'd, but I got rid of it almost completely to the poweryoga later that night. Looks kinda bad to come there totally wrecked you know... And today we've had a small storm, so I've spent the day taking it easy, cleaning up very little, and just kicked back and listened to some nice Swedish hip-hop. Chords mostly. Oh, just realized I was out yesterday doing some spot-hunting for Parkour, found some nice ones too, over at the local kindergarten. A couple of nice trees nicely located close to benches and some other stuff. Today I saw Mirrormask, really great movie with lots of imagination, everybody who has a bit of it should see it. Its about a girl who has to save herself from herself in the kingdoms of light and darkness, and that's the easy explanation... A few psychological influences in it to, but mostly a thrillingly beautiful story. Very good, see it.

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