Imagine a forrest. The trees around you, the different plants that brush against you while you walk forward. There is suddenly a tree in front of you, blocking the path ahead. You have a few choices, walk around it, or climb over or even under it. You could of course wait and think of another option, but it will perhaps only slow you down. You make your choice, it leads to something else. Maybe a swamp or a lake, maybe a glade where the sun shine and you decide to rest for a while. The birds sing soothingly around you as you walk forward, or do you swim instead? Perhaps you climb up a tree hoping to see which way to go... You wonder what it all means, and what will become of you in the end. You have an idea of what you would like, but the path is not clear for us. This means you can of course choose to make some decisions, but not decide all for yourself what path to choose. This is life, or at least how you could view it. There are many angles from which you can look at it, some that are good and other that are bad. As long as you realize that life doesn't have a purpose as long as you don't give it one, you will turn out alright. Try to do what feels best, and don't hide from what pains you. It wont disappear just because you want it to. Live life as seems good, and don't forget that if you are lonely, you just haven't found the right friends yet. Take care, Emil.

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