Terminal brain speed

I'm back. My mind works again, and how it's working. It's moving in such amazing speed and with such graze that I'm almost afraid to get up in the morning. It might be because I've recently taken to drinking copious amounts of tea, which contains caffeine. And we all know that caffeine is a good way to boost the gray lump of flesh upstairs. Luckily, I kinda need that right now, since I have to write ca 20 pages until this Sunday. I've got about 7 so far, so I'm not too worried really. Most of those I wrote yesterday, so that only proves my theory further. I didn't mention that? My theory is that the brain can be boosted into working at least twice as fast as it normally does using perfectly legal substances all found at your local convenience store. So far I've come up with the following: tea or coffee, doesn't matter which, they contain more or less the same amount of caffeine anyway. Though if your desperate, you could use both, or use instant coffee in suicidal amounts to get stuff done while skipping sleep. Not recommending this one though, since it makes you slightly more retarded than usual for a day or two afterwards before your brain can function as normal again. Then we have energy drinks, who does more or less the same thing as coffee and tea, except for the added effect of loads of sugar. You need a few cans, but after that you'll notice that your movement and your thought are a bit out of sync. This is a sign that you've successfully boosted your brain, but it doesn't last as long as tea (my favorite) so I'd advice it as an extra boost when the tea or coffee starts wearing of. My thought it that the caffeine makes the heart beat faster, which increases the blood flow, which of course provides the brain with extra oxygen. The sugar is the only thing that the brain actually uses, so that's always good. The problem with energy drinks is that the sugar gets absorbed too fast, which leads to your brain slowing down instead of speeding it up. So, to counter this, you need sugar that works slower and provides a constant supply of energy to the gray one. Fruit is actually the best thing here. Kinda boring though. Now, what would happen if you had access to a tube of oxygen, a lot of coffee and tea, adrenaline syringes, and a supply of slow sugar that is a bit more exciting than fruit? We need to know this, it might be imperative to my studies, and if I'm lucky, the results will be mind blowing. Literally.

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