We're Doomed

At least according to this guy.

But despite his somewhat serious tone, there's loads of interesting things in the links.
Like the NYPD wanting to be able to shut down cell phones in case of terrorist attacks.
Which, is of course, fucking dumb. If the terrorists works in cells, or have an actual plan to begin with, it won't matter.
And if they've set up a diversion, for instance blowing something up, people won't be able to call for assistance.
Sure, it might cripple the terrorists if they're lucky. But it will also cripple the society, and the police departments source of information.

And then there's the French police raid on a new started village for people who wanted to live in a better society, and decided that a small village would be the way to go.
Apparently they where dangerous Anarchists plotting to overthrow the French government, according to the French government.
There is apparently evidence to this fact even, although none has been presented so far.
According to their neighbors all of the arrested where nice people.
And besides, I thought violent Anarchists usually lived in the city? It's a lot easier to light things on fire if you don't have to drive for a few hours to get there first, for one.
And if you live in a village like that, there's always something to do. It's people who live in the cities that gets bored and unstable.

Then there's this:

Which is horrible and scary as hell all in one. This is the shooting that caused the riots I posted about on the bottom of one of my music posts.
I've heard he mixed up his gun and tazer, which don't really make me feel any better in any way.
Then there's things like this, this, and this. But it seems things are calming down a little.
If, on the other hand, the situation escalates things could get really bad really fast. It hopefully won't come to that, but if the officer just gets a slap on the wrist there's no telling what might happen. He had the sense to hand in his resignation a few days afterwards at least, so that hopefully diffuses the mess somewhat.

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