Long Tunes

The first thing i write in such a long time is not about me. It's about two things that influence people all over the world in many ways. Music and games. (Games as in computer- and video-games.) Music is for me, and alot of other people i suspect, terapy. It lets you express your emotions so much intenser than you normaly do, if you do it at all that is. (That's another problem with modern day society, detatchment from emotions.) It can also change your mood, make you happy, or make you relax. Some kinds of music lets you expess anger and hate as well. That sort of music was a part of my teen period, i listened to death metal, black metal, grindcore and other genres in the more extreme parts of metal. I still do from time to time, but these days its easier to accept things than get mad at everything. Another intressting part about age is that the older you get the calmer you get, meaning that the anger of youth dissapears, or maybe changes form into something else? I miss that anger sometimes, and sometimes i find it inside me. It's usefull at the gym sometimes, and less usefull if you bang your toe against the kitchen-table... Now, why am i taling about anger? Becouse it's what metal is about, your pissed at your girlfriend, the government, the world or something else. So what do you do? You scream and shout, and play your guitar, bass and drums as if trying to kill them. The screams can turn into a dark rumbling bass-sound from the back of your throth, a beast-like growling. Or you can aslo express sadness, or some kind of paranoia with metal. And that is just metal. There are hundred of difffrent kinds of music, and they all express something, not necesseraly emotions, but they tend to have them anyway. But there are good and bad music, most stuff that plays on the radio (at least in the bigger Swedish channels, except for the one run by the government that is) is booring, over-commersialised crap. You cant get away from the fact that the music is distriburted to make money, you can overdo it a lot... Britney Spears is probably the best example if you ask me, its not about saying something with music in this case, its about making as much money as possible. There is of course some good music which purpose is to make money too, it tends to be better if you play becouse you want to, rather than becouse you're greedy. If you could chose between playing beautiful music that changes people, and good music that makes you rich, what would you chose? Games is the worlds biggest form of entertainment, it is also the easiest one to get sucked in into. It is easier to imagining being a part of some other world when you can do things in that world, and imagine that it is your world for a couple of hours is truly entertainment. You can also get away from your real life for a while, which is always good to do from time to time. The fact that there are still people that belive computergames and videogames are just for kids shows how little they know about the world today. I'm starting to bore myself with talking about games now, so i'm just gonna recommend some nice music, bands with mostly long songs (ca 10 minutes). The Mars Volta Sigur Ros Opeth

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