Work hard

My brain constant shifts between furious activity powered by a homemade energy drink made from amphetamines and gasoline that I inject trough my eyeballs, and an semi-unconscious state where the walls seem to melt and I spend a few hours in a little white room to construct new and brilliant things to do once I regain momentum. Or, alternatively, I spend the time in the white room listening to Asian people chanting. Chopin works too. I have around a week to read around 8 books, and write 50 pages. After that I start my first Psychology course, which is probably a good idea since I'll be needing at least 3 nurses to take care of me after this is over. There is also the possibility that I'll have to write and read my 50 pages on memetics while also studying psychology. If that happens I might actually die. Spider Jerusalem's ballistic brain meat comes to mind. I'm thinking it's entirely possible to loose an eye by getting hit by my frontal lobe. But you'll notice when I die. Even if you're in a far away land, you'll suddenly get an urge to cry and jump in front of a train because you suddenly felt so very lonely all of a sudden. That's how important I am to the continued existence of this plane of existence!

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