Assorted things again!

That's right, I have nothing important to preach today either, so it will be another post where I try to entertain the non-existent readers I have.

How about some Wingsuit Base Jumping to kick things off?

Quite suicidally dangerous if I may say so. For some reason I want to put one of those on and swoop down from rooftops and kick bad people in the head...
If you care about my wellbeing you will not buy me one. This is not in any way reverse psychology I might add.

A short film about vampires, love and comedy.
Bats in the Belly by Thomas Gerber:

Yeah, that's a nice easy start I think. Now for the important stuff.
Like how to prevent the inevitable collapse of the American society by turning balconies, rooftops, parks and so on, into gardens. It's a "Eat your veggies or die" type of deal.
And it gets all the more relevant because of parallels to the development in Russia a decade or two ago.
More here.
And if you've got the money stashed away you might as well invest in a Farm Fountain right away. It'll probably help a bit when society falls apart around us.

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