For the time being I've got this terrible feeling that I'm stuck. I can't get anywhere, and even if I tried, it would inevitably just end up as another half finished project in the graveyard where such projects go when I tire of them.
This is not exactly true, but that's never the less the feeling I've got right now.
So I decided to come here, to share my painful confusion and indecisiveness with you!

So, what's going on lately?
I was of course at the Arvika festival. Which was awesome, great weather for the most part, all the bands I saw was at least good, new friends, the boss was nice as well.
Sure, we had to work our asses of for a few hours or so, but it was worth it.
Best shows was: Danger, The Go! Team and Saul Williams.
The Go! Team had trouble with their mics at the start, since the tent they were supposed to play in was flooded, which had delayed things, and gave them less time for a proper sound check.
Despite this I had an awesome time, at the front, with a sea of people moving with the music at my back.

Then we have a bit of a tie, although since I missed a bit of Saul Williams, and didn't really get a good place to stand, it was an awesome show. Saul is more of a rockstar than many rockstars of today. He just couldn't stand completly still it seemed, and his face was a constant display of emotion.
If I'd seen all of it, I think I'd probably call it the best show at Arvika this year.

Then we have Danger. Which you can't read facial expressions at even with a binocular, since he wears a mask while on stage. To be a bit more precise, he looks like a negative of Spiderman, wearing a black t-shirt with a neon print.
He's got some sort of white shining eyes, which in combination with the neon print flashes as the lights flash with the beat of the music.
The music, in this case, is French electro, with a touch of old videogames.d
Awesom music, accompanied by a homemade VJ set consisting of clips from movies such as Predator, Robocop, Indiana Jones, old cartoons and quite a bit of nice material made for (or maybe by?) Danger himself.

I was there for a week, 4 days of work, 3 days of music. I saw 17 bands in total, hang out a bit with friends, and had a good time in general.

Then I got home, and found out I had potential work ahead of me if I wanted, so I've worked for a few days, and now I'm leaving for the capital soon.
I had to go away to work as well, so I haven't been home a week straight this month.
At least I'm not getting bored though.

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