The movie movies

Anyone associated with these movies, even by distant relation, needs to die. If you like them, you need to die too. Or at least be deported to the planet formerly known as a planet. The problem with air, water and power you'll have to figure out on your own as soon as you get there. Unless the hail of nuclear warheads miss you as you leave earths orbit that is. Either way, these are another bunch of movies on my list of movies that I'm desperately trying to repress. When I see a shrink in 10 years because I've hit the wall, I'm just gonna sit there and say name after name of awful movies until the shrink kills himself from desperation. Unless he somewhere along the line says that he likes one of them. Then I'll end up in a mental hospital. Hopefully they'll have better taste in movies than my shrink though...


Favorite musicvideo of the moment

My mind feels numb now. I'm so filled with emotions I don't know what I'm feeling. It's just that incredible...


It that time of day when it is light outside, but the sun haven't gotten above the horizon yet. There's something incredible about it, even though I more or less know how it works. This also means I'm either up very early, or very late. Wanna guess which? I'm off to 4 and a half hours of sleep before I have to go to school, which requires me to use my brain, which won't be working as it should because of sleep deprivation. Yey me, indeed.


I rule

My work here is done. My essay, who turned into a 30-pages monstrosity (in a good way) is finished! I could have finished it yesterday, but then I would have missed this awesome hangover I'm currently sporting. It really is quite the number on my poor brain. As soon as I woke up it felt like I was hit by a catapult in the forehead. But, the modern wonders of today have curred me! Junk food, television and drugs have reanimated my withering bones, and am now a tap dancing skeleton in desperate need of moving. Come Wednesday I'll be doing some serious parkour all over town. It's probably going to be oh so very sweet, too bad no one I know around here reads this, or they could have joined me... Oh well, more space for me!


Regarding the art of aimlessly walking

A flâneur dreams this place, while passing by. And yet it barely touch his mind. The gallery lays in a fog, to him it's clear. And either way he doesn't care his purpose is just to be. _________________________________ The city, a playground. He watches, never joins in. All alone, but in bliss. In the city, there is nothing amiss. The corner, a friend. The street name, an ally. In the alley, he walks. While the building, to him talk.


What is parkour?

I'm sure some of you wonders this, and some of you think they know what it is. Though most people I've talked to don't really know, and it's easy to get confused. First of, parkour and free runing is not the same thing. Parkour is all about efficiency. You move forward with the purpose of moving forward. You don't stop and do a flip, because it doesn't really have any purpose. Free Running, on the other hand, although closely related to parkour, is mostly about aesthetic. You do flips, wall spins and such, because you want to and it looks and feels good. It more or less the same thing, but the purpose of the movement is different. David Belle, the founder, was highly inspired bu his father Raymond Belle, who as a child grew up in the brewing Vietnam conflict. His father, Davids grandfather, died as a result of the turmoil, and when Vietnam was divided Raymond was separated from his mother. He ended up in the French Army, where he received training and got the perform dangerous scouting missions. Once he got back to France, he became a military fireman, and somewhere along the line go in contact with Méthode Naturelle, Georges Hérberts theory and training based on natural movement. This would highly influence what is parkour and free running today. Raymond became somewhat of a hero in the fire department, and was a source of inspiration and strength for David. He died in 1999, but some of his spirit lives on thought parkour, I'd like to think. Now you know the background, or at least the short version of it. If you know French you can probably find out a lot more if you want to. Either way, parkour is all about using your body. We live in cities, but are trapped in them as well. We go only where there is roads, walk around walls and buildings. A traceur (parkour practitioner) does not. He, or she (traeseus), view each of these artificial confinements as an obstacle. And makes it a goal to overcome them. We climb, we jump, but we also train and fall. None of the people you see jumping around like lunatics on YouTube started out that way. Progress is made slowly, but steadily. When you've trained daily for almost 10 years, then you can start jumping between buildings. Most people who start doesn't realize just how much the most ambitious traceurs train. Several times a week, or daily, for several hours. I only train 6-8 hours a week, and that very little compared to others. But, it also depends on how long you've trained. If you're all new, start with maybe one session a week. Then move to two, then after a few months maybe, you increase when you feel ready. It's all about knowing your body, and what you can do that sets the limits. If you're not sure you can make it, don't try. If you have made it before, maybe on lower hight, get used to the hight first, then do it. It's an ongoing process of expanding both your physical and mental abilities. But don't go and get cocky either, you might hurt yourself that way too. Parkour is trained for your own sake. It's a great boost to confidence and your body as well. But only as long as you do it right. Of course it's dangerous, but security is very important to us. If I break my leg, I can't train for months. So I make sure I don't break my leg. If you keep in your mind that it's about evolving, not being better than anyone else, not about showing off, not about making money or anything like that, you'll be fine.


Terminal brain speed

I'm back. My mind works again, and how it's working. It's moving in such amazing speed and with such graze that I'm almost afraid to get up in the morning. It might be because I've recently taken to drinking copious amounts of tea, which contains caffeine. And we all know that caffeine is a good way to boost the gray lump of flesh upstairs. Luckily, I kinda need that right now, since I have to write ca 20 pages until this Sunday. I've got about 7 so far, so I'm not too worried really. Most of those I wrote yesterday, so that only proves my theory further. I didn't mention that? My theory is that the brain can be boosted into working at least twice as fast as it normally does using perfectly legal substances all found at your local convenience store. So far I've come up with the following: tea or coffee, doesn't matter which, they contain more or less the same amount of caffeine anyway. Though if your desperate, you could use both, or use instant coffee in suicidal amounts to get stuff done while skipping sleep. Not recommending this one though, since it makes you slightly more retarded than usual for a day or two afterwards before your brain can function as normal again. Then we have energy drinks, who does more or less the same thing as coffee and tea, except for the added effect of loads of sugar. You need a few cans, but after that you'll notice that your movement and your thought are a bit out of sync. This is a sign that you've successfully boosted your brain, but it doesn't last as long as tea (my favorite) so I'd advice it as an extra boost when the tea or coffee starts wearing of. My thought it that the caffeine makes the heart beat faster, which increases the blood flow, which of course provides the brain with extra oxygen. The sugar is the only thing that the brain actually uses, so that's always good. The problem with energy drinks is that the sugar gets absorbed too fast, which leads to your brain slowing down instead of speeding it up. So, to counter this, you need sugar that works slower and provides a constant supply of energy to the gray one. Fruit is actually the best thing here. Kinda boring though. Now, what would happen if you had access to a tube of oxygen, a lot of coffee and tea, adrenaline syringes, and a supply of slow sugar that is a bit more exciting than fruit? We need to know this, it might be imperative to my studies, and if I'm lucky, the results will be mind blowing. Literally.


Our actions do not tell about us, they change who we are

Ever thought about the fact that we act differently towards different people? I hope you have, otherwise you slacking on the rest of the human race you know. Does this mean we change personality as well? How much does an altered behavior change us? If I set up several different accounts and keep them separate, and try to invoke them with different personality's, are they still me? Or are they someone else? Do we have a myriad of different persona's in our heads? And how do they affect our main one. The one known as the self. Actually, they're probably all the same originally. But, what if, throughout acting, writing, role playing and so on, we tap into these different parts of your self? What if we could, in this way, actually alter our own personality's? Can we become someone else by focusing so much on one of our made up characters, that we become that character? Have you been acting differently lately? A sudden change of habit? Started speaking your mind more than usual? Have your taste in music, clothes, movies, books, lifestyle, haircuts, men, women, etc, changed recently? Are you still there?

Y.T the hero

Late upon a midnight dreary, while I lounged around at home naked, and tried to lure my temporarily demented cat to get the fuck inside, I came across a damsel in distress. Actually, she came across me, standing naked in the door to my minuscule backyard, calling out angrily at my cat. Turns out she was the reason my cat refused to move. No, she was not the wicked witch of the north or anything. Just some collage girl trying to get inside the house. She wasn't even a cat burglar clad in latex boots, to my great disappointment. Either way, she asked me if I could open the door. I hurried inside, and put on my shining armor, which for some reason looks exactly like my bathrobe, and went to her rescue. I opened the door, she came inside. Turns out she needed to get to the building next door, which is connected to this one trough some corridor or something. I didn't have a key there, so I said sorry. She thanked me as I returned once more to my castle. Not very enthusiastically or anything, but I suppose I looked more like the Robed Perv than the Knight of the Moon and Sun, so that's acceptable I suppose. Either way, she should really get a key so she doesn't have to ask dead tired people standing naked in doors insulting their cats for being slow in the middle of the night. That sentence is pure genius. Just thought I'd point that out.

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