The Forgot My Meds trilogy by Adam Wingard

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This is your future!

I've decided to try and follow a theme of sorts in an attempt to try and post at least semi-regularly. And if this doesn't feel like an alternative dystopian future where everyone is a potential eye of the state, I don't know what does. It's got a basic psychological appeal though. When you're threatened you tend to switch focus from the individual to the group. Becoming as identical to the members of the group becomes more important than being an individual. The expression "safety in numbers" comes to mind. In this case the group is Americans, and the threat is terrorists. Problems arise thanks to the ambiguity these two groups posses. There are, for instance, American terrorists which makes the division more or less useless... Unless we generalize terrorist into something else. Why not a middle eastern man wearing traditional clothes? If you do it becomes a lot easier to tell who to keep out of your group. And the thing is that this sort of group behavior, were a big and strong group under threat decides that it needs an enemy, rarely targets the weakest group in society. Usually it some other group in the middle. They become the target of something of a propaganda campaign aiming to show just how low and evil they actually are. This is done to strengthen the main group bu giving it something to fight against. Anyway, enough psychology for now. Hopefully someone found that interesting. Neo-Nazis, violent political activists, and probably quite a few others would fit into this kind of group behavior.

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