This day

It was supposed to be a day of jamming all over town, playing around and further explore the bounds of my mind and body. Apparently, and despite the fact that I'd talked to a guy who felt like doing the same, nothing has happened. Which is a waste, considering the weather for once is actually good. Sure, it's still cold, but the sun's shining trough the trees outside my window, there is not one cloud in the clear blue sky. The only problem is that the place I want to go to is a school, and even though I'm quite sure the kids wont mind me using their rails for purposes they wear not intended, their teachers might. Plus the fact that I was supposed to go with a friend doesn't make me feel any more like actually going. Hopefully we might go later, but the more time that passes by, the less I feel like leaving my flat. In fact, I feel more like going to sleep. And just stay in bed the entire weekend. Too bad I can't, since that only makes me wanna do it more. Oh, well, I'm going to go outside now anyway. Who knows what might happen?

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