A cold and what passed and followed

I'm getting one. I'm not certain of it. It feels as if my throat is a small one person elevator in some shitty easter Europeans hostel, where the elevator itself looks more like a big birdcage hauled up and down with a great old chain. This elevator has stopped in the middle and two world championship sumo wrestlers have just got on. Needless to say, it's uncomfortable. And from the way my throat is feeling, I'd say they're having a cage fight in there. And since this is a day where I've only slept 3 hours to prepare for it, having washed clothes for another 7 hours starting at 7 in the morning, and just got in from cutting my lawn, the timing is perfect. Then I have some other stuff to do. First I need to get some food. I'm starving to death right now. Then I need a shower, or getting hit by a ocean for a few hours, doesn't really matter which. I still need to fix those last few details on my essay, vacuum the floor, do the dishes, and get to bed. After I've folded the last of my laundry, and made the bed of course. Though I suppose it's not all bad. I spoke to an American friend of mine for 3 hours via IM, which was nice. I got into a YouTube argument with a creationist (cheap entertainment). I like taking showers, so I have no idea why I mentioned it before. And hey, Alien is showing on the tele in a hour. Nifty. I had some other thoughts though. For instance, while fighting the laundro-bots, I started to think about law. To be more precise, what the purpose of the law is. I think most of us knows that laws are for maintaining society. They protect us, society, and the bond between us. But then I started to wonder, which of these are it's main purpose to protect? The law (and I don't mean the cops here) seems to be made to preserve society. Based on British liberalism, the purpose of society is to create a safe environment for the people in it. This is achieved by them giving up some of their freedom in exchange for safety. The idea is that the people agree to let different parts of the administration take care crime, and they don't take matters into their own hands and obey the law. If you break the law, you are no longer a part of the society one might say. So you either get locked up, or thrown out of society. But what happens if you can't leave society? If you don't have a choice? The media keeps telling us that we can become super successful movie star-esque people if we only buy this, do that, worship Xenu, or some other bullshit. The truth is, we can't. There can only be so many successful people at the same time, because if everyone is successful, they just become ordinary people. It doesn't really matter that you get attention, what matters is what you get attention for. Take the last years party stars for instance. And for the record, they're just as pathetic that anyone of us would be if we did the same things. They're famous for acting like idiots. Much like the stars of shows like Jackass and Dirty Sanchez. A comparison both of these groups of people hopefully find offensive. Now, if a you get famous for being a idiot, which is simple, why waste time actually developing any talent, when you can just as well get partial fame by running naked trough central London wearing a sword and a feather boa, high as a kite on heroin? I getting away from the point though. The one about law. The point is, essentially, that society is a system were born into. We don't really have a choice. And if we don't have the financial power to leave the system for another, or leave it entirely, what choice do we have? The only thing we can do is try to adapt, and if the only way we have of doing this is to emulate what we learn through our senses, and education has been more or less replaced by movies and television, what then? We become the intellectual caveman of society, that's what. Some inspiration gotten from Penny Red. Go read her blog, it's quite good, since I have to actually think when I read it.

Laundry Day

Which, not unlike Garbage Day(!) is, quite an unpleasant thing to experience. At least if you're me. Not that it's not nice to have clean clothes and linens, but what comes before that is a pain. Usually, I force myself to rise at an ungodly hour that is closer to when I go to bed than to when I get up, smelling badly, since I haven't bothered showering, since it's laundry day after all. You shower on laundry day, not before. This day however, is worse. I'm stressed, since I haven't payed my bills yet, I've got acid reflux, which is annoying, but entirely my own fault. Unless the food industry counts for making too acidic food or something... And I seem to be developing a headache. I never have headaches. Oh, and since it's laundry day, I look like a combination of a drug addict and a hobo. A nice one though, so that's a plus I suppose. At least I don't look like Wolverine from the X-men, like I did yesterday when I got up... I'm still not sure if that's good or bad though. Either way, I look like the kind of dude who says "dude!" a lot. Which would be fine if I was the Iron Monger, and had to fight Tony Stark. In a cave. Made from scraps.

Before bed posting

Just felt like I had to update. Not that I really have anything to say at the moment, but still I have to say it. One thing I could say is that Ghost in the Shell is probably the reason why I've developed an interest in politics. Not that you would have noticed that here. I don't write about it at all really, since I feel I don't know enough about it. Sure, I consider myself a liberal Marxist, but I'm not sure how true that statement really is. Let me clarify: I think that a Marxist economy would be the best one, while I'm more fond of a liberal political view, since I'm not entirely comfortable with handing over all the power and money to the same people. It is their job, and we have ways of making sure they do it, but they're still just people after all. Another thing, quite related to the first actually, is that Cowboy Bebop got me into bebop. Sounds kinda dumb, but that's the truth. Charlie Parker is a new favorite for instance, but I still have loads that I've yet to listen to, and more so that I need to listen to some more to get a feel for it. Actually, this is true for music in general, even though I can easily spend 10 hours a day listening to music I don't seem to hear it. Maybe I should stop doing other things at the same time... Though I'd probably have to stop sleeping for that to work out, or actually start doing things efficiently from now on. Either way, I suppose I should be going to bed now. Got laundry in 4 hours, which means I'm gonna be incredibly tired the entire day tomorrow. I tend to sleep around 10 hours normally (meaning when I don't have to get up) so it's gonna be a bit rough. Still, better than skipping sleep entirely, which I've actually done a few times. Not recommended.

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