Working Title (About Iran, and sexual frustration)

Hello you glorious bastards! Tis be I, your beloved wanker of a person manipulating small black plastic squares with symbols painted on them.
I am currently heavily intoxicated, which may or may not be a good thing. I'm leaning towards good myself, but I'm obviously biased, so fuck me.
Please? There has been thunder and rain over here, and I took a walk in a pitch black bunch of trees close to the plastic tent the party was located in, and you could have used my penis as a compass if you so wished. I would have been tremendously annoyed of course, but like I said: fuck me.
So, anyway, despite my obvious sexual frustration I am in a good mode. You see, I am might be going to bed early today! Yes, for once I won't go to bed after the sun has started to come up. Progress, you bastards!
Anyway, Iran has been on everyones minds (or should have been if you have a heart that is) lately. Sure, some might think "Fuck it", but if everyone did that it wouldn't be happening in the first place, so you are wrong. I don't care much for your excuses to not care though, so don't post them here.
Anyway, this little second Iranian revolution reminds you of all the others that has been popping up lately. In Tibet and Burma mainly. But there is a massive difference here. For one, there is government support in Iran. The police and military refuses to hurt civilians, and it's igniting factor was an election. This legitimizes the whole thing to a new degree, which means the protests are completely justified. Not only because of rightful anger at being ruled by a bunch of priest and retired revolutionaries that delude themselves in thinking people are actually content with the current situation, but also because it's so fucking obvious that their opinion has been completely disregarded and used to wipe asses with.
Even if the rumors going around is not true, it's still obvious, which makes me want to go clubbing baby rabbits to death with gigantic dildos.
That is all.

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