The FRA-law passed

Which of course pisses me off to no end. Soon we'll have to salute the leader, as he drives around with a military honor guard, only there to kill anyone who might say something critical. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking fuckery fuck. There are some good things about this though. For instance, there are only two politicians in the sitting government that actually are on the same page as the rest of the people. One voted no, the other forfeited his vote in protest of the proposition. Both have gotten hundreds of flowers sent to them in support, and also as a statement to show the rest of the government that they fucked up. People are now instead encouraged to donate the money to Journalists Whiteout Borders, since they don't have any place to put all the flowers, and journalists just had their jobs get a whole lot harder. Most things are bad though. IT-companies are from now on going to try and avoid Sweden, which means the government just shot itself in the foot. So, we get a law that drives away investors, is in violation of our constitution, and most people seem to be against? This makes sense! In fact, it would only make more sense if a dancing monkey wearing clogs and playing a xylophone showed up! But hey, this more or less guarantees that the current government will be replaced once the election comes in two years. They are already looking bad in the ratings, and this kind of things can't exactly help. The fact that the Liberals actually supported this law is a bit mind blowing really, since they're the ones supposed to be big on personal freedom, the rights of the individual and all that. Apparently not, but I still salute the people who dared state, despite no one supporting them in their party, that they were against this law. That took some serious balls. I wish we had more politicians like that actually... But who doesn't? And along with the flowers also came protest against the decision via email. 350 so far, but I'm thinking it's gonna rise quite a bit. I know, 350 might not sound much, but it's apparently quite a bit in Sweden, and considering we only got around 9 million people living here, that makes up for it. A bit. I'll be writing a mail to eventually. I'm gonna work on it a bit though, sharpen the edges until you could go blind from looking it at. Then I'll send it. Fuckers...

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