About Acta

I personally dislike copyright in it's present form, and trying to get a global copyright reinforcement on both traditional copyright issues such as art piracy, and medical ones, just seems wrong to me.
I am, however, a strong supporter of Creative Commons, so it's not like I'm against any control the creator wants to have over their creation.
I don't mind people trying to make money by selling pirated goods getting caught, at least not when it comes to art, but medicines can be a different issue.
Of course, that depends a lot on the companies creating them. If they get a new patent by changing some minimal detail in their medicine for the sole purpose of keeping the patent, then I don't mind pirated medicines at all. I'm even in support of them, as long as the people creating them do their best to help others. If they're just in it for the money they're of course no better than the previously mentioned medical companies.

But what about Acta? The biggest problem I have with it is the massive confidentiality around it. I'm pretty sure there's already conspiracy theories aplenty about it by now. What I don't get is why they thought it needed to be kept a secret in the first place, and why they think they have the right to keep it one?
This is looking more and more like global agreement on the verge of a law, so it only seems fair to be transparent about it.
If it was some sort of halfhearted attempt to avoid protests they should have realized that it'd only get people more interested. And I'm personally a little surprised that accusations of fascism and global leadership hasn't been used a lot more.
But then again Alex Jones might not have heard about it yet...

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