What do I belive?

I started to think about this after reading one of Penny Reds latest posts. What the hell do I believe? And the truth is, I can't think of anything that I am absolutely certain about. Sure, I'm against killing people, not because life is sacred or anything Disney-esque like that. I'm generally against killing people because it's a bad way to solve a disagreement. It's an awesomely flawed argument though, so I don't really hold it as a truth or anything. It does work better if you take it to the personal level, but then it's more about fighting than killing people either way. You can't really punch someone into agreeing with you, though I suppose you could beat someone up over you disagreeing with them sleeping with your spouse or something. Either way, I do believe that a lot of todays media suck humongous snail dongs, and they're apparently absorbing the putrid waste of popular culture and political opinions of others, and publishing this as news. The media is supposed to tell us what the hell is going on thats important, not what amuses us the most. Sure, a light-hearted piece once in a while is fine, but a paper full of 20 pages about a bunch of famous retards that wouldn't even be in paper if they weren't famous has as much with news to do as a duck with two assholes. Then we have consumption, the form of todays society, the rule of the market, the pointless scaremongering being done by politicians and media about terrorism, people starving because of poverty, people starving because they think they look better that way... Fuck! It's the one thing rich and poor people have in common! Stop the presses, Marx was wrong! Maybe if we increase the gap even more, we can all die of starvation together! Oh, I'm left by the way, in fact, I could be so far left that I'll punch you in the kneecap from the right... I'm not very serious thought, am I? Sure, I do my little Spider Jerusalem-impersonation from time to time, but most of what I say are things I stand for. I'm all for better resource management. Translated for those of us who didn't finish kindergarten, that's translated into "thinking before you buy". This means two things: I almost only buy clothes that's second hand, and I buy cheap, healthy food. Meaning I look awesome, both physically and fashion-vise. No, I do not wear a suit at all times. Suits are to safe. Safe is boring. I would wear a suit with red high tops and a red "terrorist scarf", as it's been dubbed by the think-tank over at Fox News. So, I don't believe in the consummation society of today, I don't believe we need a lot of the crap we end up getting. Water boilers, micro wave ovens, hairdryers, bottled watter, hell, we wouldn't even need tooth brushes if the food industry didn't put sweeteners in everything. Who's fault is it then? I could go with the politically correct answer and say human nature, but that's just an excuse for our ignorance. We've come miles when it comes to technology, but we're still barely more intelligent than chimps. (I appologise to any chimps reading this, you clearly are superior than humans when it comes to pure brainpower.) So, let me ask you, would you put a chimp in a jet fighter? On the moon? In the White House? Don't even think about answering that last one... I might have a stroke, and I'll make sure you get locked up for first degree murder. I don't know how, but you're fucked. Hell, we're probably all fucked either way when you think about it...

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