The Death of A President

I just saw this brilliant drama about something that hasn't even happened. The fact that is in the form of a documentary makes it all the more frightening. It brings up a number of questions that need answering, and also questions both the American government, and its people. What I would like to ask you is a simple question. Is terrorism a crime? Why? Could you perform an act of terrorism? You would of course not see it as one yourself... The thing about people is they always believe they are right, its actually basic psychology... A person that does not believe that most of their actions and thoughts are good and right are viewed as having a slight psychological defect. So why would a terrorist be any exception? They are people too, often misled by their superiors, and promised false rewards in paradise. Of course this is what is told to those who become Muslim terrorist, what others are told I don't know much about. They believe that if they give their lives in a suicide bombing they will do Allah's bidding, when in fact he is probably turning in his grave. But I wasn't really going to address this topic, what I'm getting at is the fact that most people are to lazy to form their own opinions. Or they are so sure of being right that they don't listen to what others has to say. If you think I'm wrong I encourage you to say so, but then explain why you feel that way. Watch The Death of a President and also watch V for Vendetta. Listen to people, and they might listen to you...

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