The FRA-law. Again.

Since this affects me personally your gonna hear about it until you either accept it, or jump from a building.
First of, according to a Swedish newspaper, sources close to the department doing the surveillance are saying that the main purpose of it is to intercept Russian intelligence, which would mean that the relations between Sweden and Russia might go a bit frosty.
It's not considered very nice to spy on your neighbors. But the Russian spy who defected was apparently killed under orders from the Russian government, so it seems ol' Russia is up to her shenanigans once more.

Secondly, it seems all the youth sections of the different Swedish political parties are united against the FRA-law. The old politicans must realize that they've fucked up by now, right?
Either way, it's good to see that liberals, democrats, conservatives, socialist, enviromentalists and everybody else have found some common ground for once. Hell, we might actually start getting along for once!

Fuck You McCain, Fuck You

I'm taking a stand, not saying that I'm supporting Obama or anything though. He seems way too perfect to me.
McCain, on the other hand did seem like an alright guy at first, except for being right wing, but I can't really tell the difference between Liberals and Conservatives for the most part when it comes to American politics anyway. For a Swede they're way to similar to make much sense.

Either way, McCain apparently dislike people comparing him to Bush so much that a librarian who had a sign saying "McCain=Bush" got busted for trespassing at a public campaign event. Public apparently mean a different thing than I thought it did. Or maybe McCain is penpal with Mugabe and have decided that politicans are too soft on people who won't vote for them?
Either way, a 60 year old librarian is apparently a real threath in politics, if people who can actually read is against you, the ones who can't will notice, and realize there's more to the picture than they thought.
Oh, and then we have the fact that McCain is going to fix the American economy, but haven't said how, so either he's a wizard, or he's bullshitting. Of course he could be both, but I seriously doubt it.
Not that lies are uncommon in politics these days. It seems like you have to lie your ass of to get elected, and then people act surprised that you don't turn the water into wine onces your in position.
Politicans are not divine being able to right all wrongs, in fact they're just as fucked up, intruthful and generally human as the rest of us. They like sex, to drink some booze or get stoned once in a while, watch crappy tv and eat junkfood.
To expect them to fuck up less than others just proves we think way too highly of politicans, and probably of the human race in general.
My view on the human race is well documented though, so no need to get into that here.

As I said, I don't really like anyone runing for president, solely because they want power, and people like that are generally bad news in my opinon.
Obama haven't given me a real reason to dislike him yet though, so that's good I suppose.
Not that I've been paying much attention or anything either so far.
I'll probably do so once the real election starts getting close.

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