This another one of those lazy posts where I just hand over some links of interest of the last couple of days.

First of: Sequential Trauma, which is a school project that plays with the medium of comics. For some reason I only really like the first page. Imagine it as a stand alone page, or turning into the world as he now sees it. It could possibly turn into a brilliant teaching aid of sorts in my mind.

Grinding also had an interesting post about so called Seed Bombing. Which seems like a really good idea, and also lead me onwards to the Guerrilla Gardening movement.
Original article @ Inhabitat.

Jamais Cascio posted about history, family, and information on Memorial Day, over at Open the Future.

And then Laurie posted about rape over at Penny Red. Which lead to a long list of all kinds of comments, all pretty interesting for the most part. As well as Laurie herself providing a few links which are pretty disturbing.
Especially this one, which may appear to be mainly about a rape game, but is more an interesting commentary about the legal and social views of rape in Japan. Pretty frightening stuff if you ask me.
As well as some teenage gang rape.

And yes, I have spent the morning reading about rape. Something that really makes you question yourself as a sexual human being.

More links might show up later on. I've got a hundred of them laying around, so I might as well read them and throw them up here sooner or later. It's also a good way of storing them for reading when away from your computer, or in case of a crash or similar.

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