It's one of those days were I've decided that today is the day I get things done.
And then I sleep until 2 AM/1400 and do my utmost to make the day dray by without getting anything done at all.
So now, a few hours later, things are finally starting to move again. A long shower took care of my somewhat passive disposition, and also made me think a bit.
I was thinking about actors. You see, I've recently become a bit of one myself. Nothing fancy or anything, school related productions only so far, but I've got a friend who wants me to play a part or two in things he's planing to make, so who knows?
And while standing there with water running down my face and body and distorting my vision I realized what an actor is.
An actor is someone who pretends to be someone else than themselves. Some even become someone else. And with this realization the way we adore and obsess over movie starts suddenly becomes something sick and twisted in a way. Because what does it mean if someone is obsessed with a person who make a living by being someone else?
What about identity then? Who we are suddenly doesn't become very important at all, it's who we pretend to be that suddenly matters. No wonder psychology is the new religion when you think about it.
Then again, it is fun to be someone else for a while and I'm pretty sure we've all have thought about changing our lives and becoming someone else once or twice. Maybe it's a natural behavior that helps us relate to others even?
I would go read up on it, but maybe it's time to actually do some of the stuff I've been avoiding all day now. We'll see, I suppose.

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