Movies and Life

Part of why I love movies (I've said so before, right?) is that they make you think about your own life. You get a new perspective on things, and in some cases a better one. Like a hour or so ago, I watched Juno for the first time. And a few days ago I watched Little Miss Sunshine. Juno made me think about my life, and Little Miss Sunshine made me think about my family. Both films made me realize that life and me and my family are awesome. Sure, my life doesn't have Juno soundtrack, or the awesome dry comedy in LMS, but sometimes it's just as good. And who needs a soundtrack when you got a few gigs worth of mp3s on your player anyway? So, where I'm going with this? Where the politics, the anger and despise for the human race I usually try to at least hint at? I have no idea. Maybe I've developed a new personality that takes over and secretly plots to throw society into anarchy with soap? Probably not, but hey, stranger thing have happened. Like that cat who predicts when people are about to die...

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